Latest Status Updates: 26/04/21 - we had closed to address some internal and external trolling of complaints made about orders never made - let alone registered or been through our guest option at checkout. We have directly contacted certain individuals who have gone out of their way to do this - I have never understood why people troll either companies or businesses online. All I can say is I hope you find the mental health support you need soon and being 100% serious if that is a cause for concern, please email me: if you ever find yourself feeling like you need help but are unsure what to do or how - I can promise I will do whatever I can to assist.

To our current clients - I must apologise for the slight delay in dispatch of parcels, as mentioned above aside from the issues mentioned we have had our own personal family trauma to deal with this last week so I have done my best to keep everything as smooth running as possible but there has been a delay which I am working through today 26th April and fully expect to have any and all outstanding orders out by tomorrow afternoon - keep an eye on your inbox for confirmation and tracking!

Thank you to Dean N for his help and support with communicating with our clients - please support Dean as he continues his fantastic work for Peptex Laboratories. Thank you.

02/03/21 - Please note, our packaging is changing slightly, mainly for the SARM Development Products, where we are ditching plastic tubs in favour of pouches - initially we were using a pouch that to my chagrin, did not seal again when opened. We now use a sealed pouch which can be resealed, inside is a silica sachet to prevent moisture entry. This packaging is more environmentally friendly, and means less capsules rattling around in transport, plus a more slimline delivery package. Please bear with us while we transition to updating all SARM and some Peptide packaging - normal peptide labels will remain but separate label designs for special edition peptides will be stocked and more a permanent & uniform themed label will soon be displayed on our SARM and other capsulated item products. Note: This is purely aesthetic, and the quality of the product ordered is still exactly that - the highest quality you have come to expect and know from Peptex Laboratories Ltd.

Thank you for visiting our website. Should you have any queries or questions please scroll down this home page to the footer, where specific instruction is noted as to how you can get in touch with us. Thank you!