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TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.

TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.
TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.
TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.
TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.
TDPEP-1.5 - Lightweight Desktop Tablet Press - 4000 tablets/hr capacity - all inclusive service.
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TDPEP-1.5 Single Punch Tablet Pill Press Machine 



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Tablet diameter


Fill thickness


Tablet thickness


Production capacity


Motor Power




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TDPEP-1.5 Single Punch Tablet Press

We are pleased to now offer a small selection of lightweight, extremely high-quality desktop presses for your R&D needs.


We utilise a variety of Desktop Tablet Presses and for some years used a TDP-5 which weighed 135kg – as you would no doubt agree not entirely suited for being positioned on a desktop – however the TDP-5 came with almost legendary status in respect of its reliability, spare part availability and being easy to fix if it ever went wrong. Not to mention the hundreds of different dies available – in both size, design, pattern and more. The most obvious benefits:

  • Lightweight for its class
  • Compact footprint
  • Fast and reliable
  • Flexible output
  • Electric or manually powered
  • Wide raw material compatibility
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low consumption
  • Works with 200g minimum quantity of raw materials
  • Presses tablets of any shape
  • Adaptable tablet diameter, depth and hardness
  • Use a wide range of tooling


TDPEP-1.5 Single Punch Tablet Press, weighs 45kg – with a production capacity of 4000 tablets per hour – suited for R&D as well as clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, compounding pharmacies and small batch production runs for new start-ups.


This machine is essentially the TDP5 but with the past years of technological innovation, the TDPEP-1.5eliminates all the negatives of the TDP5 and has streamlined to make it lighter, yet stronger, just as reliable, as easy to fix and maintain AND it accepts the same dies as the TDP5! Even under the conditions of a power cut, hand wheel rotation is available and while slower will still produce the same tablets with the same thickness and hardness with up to 30 K.N of pressure. The machine is no longer cumbersome steel but reinforced strengthened aluminium, providing a far more aesthetic look (if that can be said for a tablet press!)


This press comes with one set of dies – however we can also supply a large variety of shapes and sizes – however it must be noted if the dies requested are those similar to ones that have been noted for illegal purposes, we will not be able to help you. We will eventually add a range of different dies, shapes, sizes, patterns etc to our website. 


The depth of filling and the thickness of tablets is adjustable. Compared to the original TDP5 model press machine, the TDPEP-1.5 machine has intensive and enhanced motor power with added strength. It also has a larger filling depth offering greater flexibility, enabling you to expand the specification range of the tablets produced. We at Peptex Laboratories Ltd have used this machine as part of our R&D research for 18 months now and we have been so pleased with robustness, lightweight portability, reliability and huge offerings for customisation we have decided to offer two of the desktop presses we utilise when testing to other researchers, clinics, hospitals, universities and private companies directly.


I am aware you will have a few specific questions in mind so to assure you;

1.     When you place an order for the TDPEP-1.5 with us, you will have it delivered by us directly, no VAT/Import Duty (we cover those costs for you) No 3 month wait by Sea and added expenses on top – everything is taken care of for you. No damage by way of couriers not caring about their cargo, we take care of all expenses, VAT is included and with your permission we conduct a trial run using microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate (sufficient enough to punch out a fairly firm tablet shape) to ensure the machine is working as it should – it is then cleaned, sterilised and polished, before we undertake a further full quality control check, change the gear oil and if requested, we can set the machine up for a specific size, and depth in advance. We cater for European clients also, however our in person support may be limited until it is safe to do so in respect of flying - we can usually resolve 95% of any issues by setting up the machine to your liking via video call, and then trouble shooting via video call again. If a flight out is needed, I commit and promise as part of the warranty to fly out to your destination within Europe, provided hotel accommodation and meals are covered for the time I am there. I do not think you will find any other UK based company that offers this service.

2.   We provide a guide to producing a solid tablet mixture which can vary depending on what raw you were planning to use. 

3.   We provide a manual in the event that there are any concerns – as well as phone and site support and a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour.

4.   This tablet press runs off a UK 3 pin plug the same as you would plug in your television. No expensive add-ons required.

5.   Delivery: Due to the fact this item comes to us on a pallet, we are limited for space and only keep 1-2 of these presses in physical stock. When placing an order please expect – from date of payment receipt – a 10 working day wait for us to receive the machine from our factory – which we painstakingly worked through 15 factories before finding the very best factory possible in terms of quality product, quality control – the list goes on. For this I started my search liaising with UK hospitals, then specialist clinics, obtaining more and more information until I found the name of the factory that supplies most of Europe’s big companies with this very same machine – obviously they all use it for different purposes, but it is used so widely for good reason. We then conduct all our final checks and then make a booking directly with you to deliver the product directly to your designated premises at a time and date to suit you.


We are aware of many individuals and new companies who are desperate to take their production into in-house and save a fortune while doing so. We can gladly provide the expertise, support and guidance in such cases and I (Dr Wade Ackley) am available on a consultative basis to further assist you in your endeavours, why pay other companies running similar machines up to 6 x the cost when you could very easily do it yourself with the right support behind you?

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Full Technical Specification: TDPEP-1.5


Max. Tablet Thickness(mm):


Max. Tablet Diameter(mm):


Capacity (pcs/h):

6000 pcs/h

Station (Set):


Max. Pressure (KN):

15-30 kN

Punch Type:





Single Punch


220V – UK Mains Plug (we can provide this for European Countries too, please email us at with the subject TDPEP-1.5)




CE ISO9001


1 Year

Weight (KG):

45 KG

After-sales Service Provided:


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