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About Us

Firstly, may I thank you for your time in visiting our website. It is an honour to share your time with you and hope you find our site and products worthwhile.

My name is Dr. Wade Ackley, I am the Founder and Director of Peptex Laboratories Ltd, based in London, UK. I have a BA (Hons) 1st Class Degree in Business Management, an MSc in Biochemistry, and a PhD in Bio-Sciences, with a major passion and focus for research sciences and in particular peptide therapy and its development. I am also a former professional footballer, bodybuilder and heart attack survivor – at the age of 25 – where I went from being on the transplant register to repairing my own heart through research and the use of various peptides, minerals, and diet changes.

I love cars, motorbikes, combat sports and I am a 36 year old married father of 2 beautiful daughters. I founded Peptex Laboratories Ltd, 3 years ago due to a very inconsistent quality offering for the peptides I had been studying - the differences at times were astounding, with some labs supplying purely Mannitol in a vial and stating it HGH Fragment 176-191!. I took just over a year of sourcing and testing peptides from across the globe before starting my existing business - it is not something that I had ever planned or thought I would do growing up, but all the signs were pointing me to the study of healing and for me, Peptides are an amazing resource.

For the first year I had spent all my savings on setting up my business - with most of the costs coming from testing peptides and finding and establishing reliable, well regarded suppliers, all earnings have been continually reinvested to build a larger stock level and in addition we have donated to several charities - PTSD UK, Niemann Picks Type-C Charity, Asthma UK, Prostate Cancer UK & possibly more as we end 2020.

We can now offer a greater level of different offerings to Universities, Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical Companies and Individual Researchers the world over. 2020 will be known as the year of COVID-19 (with much regret - personally I will not allow such a pandemic to be given a years title in it's honour - not in a million years) and my focus has been realigned to bring in and develop – in house, new novel peptides, to help fight an even larger array of illness and disease. Additionally we now have the capacity to stock cosmetic peptides - the likes of Matrixyl 3000, Oligopeptide etc, as well as SARMS and other research related additions.

About me - personally - Dr Wade K Ackley:

"Growing up in Luton, as a teenager I played professional football having signed to Crystal Palace's centre of excellence aged 13. I was released at 17, having suffered an Achilles heel injury, and I subsequently drifted between clubs - Luton Town, Leyton Orient, Cambridge United - only for the same injury to impair me. By now I had focused on education and study but found a love via rehab of my Achilles injury, for Bodybuilding. As with anything I do, I put myself 111% into my diet and training and found myself competing on a National Level having spent 3 years training. To compete at National Level meant competing local regional shows, of which I won my first 'First Timer' category at 22 years old. 

At 25 I suffered a heart attack which are 3 days after competing in Portsmouth for the UKBFF. I was hospitalised for a month, signed a form to be put on the Heart Transplant Register, and had an Ejection Fraction (physical heart pumping ability) rate of 17%. The normal adult male should be functioning in the 70-80% range. I was diagnosed with Heart Failure and to this day I have Atrial Fibrillation as a result of this attack, although this is something I control through my own protocol. At the time my heart size was over double that of a normal man, and the measurements of the ventricles and atrial chambers were shocking, it was like a small bomb had gone off inside my heart and they were splattered into deformed shapes and sizes. 

I spent that month in hospital (God Bless the NHS and Luton & Dunstable Hospital) using the pay as you go, old school, pull over your head internet touch screen to research non-stop - I refused to let this happen to me. I knew there must be a way to fix this – I refused to let this event stop me from living my life, from being with my wife and watching my children grow up - I absolutely refused to accept this as a permanent state of health. Something deep inside of me told me to not let this affect me - that fate plays out in often unexpected ways and this was fate, as it lead me to where I am today.

At that time I was 25 years old; I was (just before the attack) a healthy athlete, with a 1st class Degree in Business Management and had started my own security company. I had one child at the time and a partner, I had everything going for me.

My research during this month in Hospital lead me to developing and forming my own personal protocol to heal my heart through the use of certain peptides, minerals and vitamins. I put my protocol together and wrote it out while still sat in hospital. 

I would take the hospitals drugs prescribed one for Heart Failure, one to control Heart Rate and a blood thinner to prevent clotting and strokes and myself created cocktail of products and found myself, over time, feeling healthier and stronger – against advice I began exercising, I felt fresher than I had in years and this was 4 months post Heart Attack – improvements were little at first but after 6 months and having lost 4 stone in weight, I had an outpatient Echocardiogram, and MRI and the Doctors were astounded. 

I was taken aback by the buzz of the Doctors around me and my new measurements - my Ejection Fraction which was at 17% was now 78%, and my heart size, shape, structure - were all within normal parameters. The Doctors and nurses kept looking at the before and after and were scratching their heads. One Cardiologist – a Scotsman if I remember right at the L&D Hospital said he had never seen such a change in 30 years as a Senior Cardiologist. He asked if I was actually a Human!

I was kept in hospital - voluntarily - at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital for a couple of days while a world renowned well-regarded Professor of Cardiology took an overnight flight from Cairo, Egypt to London Luton Airport, just to conduct another Echocardiogram and immediately asked me what I had done to repair myself. I explained my research, approach, my protocol - but not everything - as I knew this information was being gathered for medical publication and my goal now was to become a Doctor myself and to further research and help others the world over. I clearly remember him saying ‘Young man – you are wise and intelligent beyond your youth – you’re a Businessman and no doubt an excellent one. However, you should strongly consider the medical field. You will do very well I have no doubt. He flew back later that evening.

This whole event is what led to my business today - it led to my study of Bio-Chemistry in which I gained a MSc Master Degree - additionally while studying Biochemistry my curiosity was peaked with the mind and so I studied and obtained Psychology and gained a Level 3 certificate before completing a Psychotherapy Diploma at Level 4 which involved many hours of self therapy and giving therapy to others. 

At the start of 2020 I gained my PhD, a result in part of running Peptex Labs - just before the Pandemic took over the world. I continue to train physically - I am very much into combat sports, and I am a registered professional boxer, training at London Shootfighters. I also still love to lift weights, and split my sessions between boxing and weight lifting. I am currently trying to learn a new language - Russian, and being blessed with an amazing wife and 2 wonderful daughters, have found myself to this very day in a very fortunate position in life.

However during the madness of 2020, we found the pandemic did impact our business, we had staffing issues (lockdown, furlough etc) and this impacted sales processing and took a knock on effect to the point of having to relocate my business to my home office and local storage unit with mains electric, then back into our new offices, then during Lockdown 2, I had to do the same again. With the workload growing for the right reasons, everything was starting to take its toll on me - the stress and pressure almost led to the closure of Peptex Labs but many clients came forward with encouragement and positive comments and this spurred me to do the right thing - close down, let the pandemic settle down and work out a customer focused strategy as the main concern I found was communication concerns with our client base. So this is what we have done - we now work on a customer focused base first and foremost, which is how we started, and we are glad to be back in business and offering you an unrivalled product line up and variety.

If you have read all of this - I commend you for not falling asleep! If you ever have any specific questions you need help with - please email me at wade@peptex-labs.com 

I work as a boxing and MMA cornerman, and strength and conditioning coach to other professional athletes through my other website -  www.ackleyperformance.org - here you will see a glimpse of some of the testimonials provided by some of the worlds sporting elite - whether they have used my service for fight camps, cornering, diet plans, training plans, body transformations. I take on and work with at most a dozen clients at any one time as too many would mean my quality of work would suffer. With my background, sporting ability as an ex professional footballer, competitive Muay Thai fighter, competitive Bodybuilder and as a semi retired professional boxer - combined with my knowledge of the human anatomy, my study of peptides and educational achievements, it all leads to being in a unique and fortunate position to offer help and services that nobody else I am aware of, can provide. 

If your interested in personal services and you are a disciplined athlete - (Usually I only work with registered professionals but have worked with many high level amateurs who I have helped to turn professional) please visit my site www.ackleyperformance.org for further information.

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