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We have pulled together all the reviews left on site, all reviews are 100% genuine and if you check the specific product they may mention you will see their review there. We have left this section with just the customers initials but when leaving a review they provide their consent to have whatever name they have written down, published on site.

Below is not even 10% of the good feedback we get - the below are customers who have taken the time out to leave a review on our site and we are thank full for this.

We will periodically add to this.

Reviews and Testimonials

Review by our athlete and legendary bodybuilder Mr Neale Cranwell, who on Saturday 12th September won the British Heavyweight title to add to his collection of ever mounting awards! Huge congrats to Neale who is one of the most disciplined and focused people I know! 

Product: Peptex Laboratories LGD-4033 Inectable Oil Based SARM Solution - 50mg/mL - 500mg/10ml Vial!

Reviewer: The Coach - no other info attached but the coach is a good customer of ours and very knowledgeable and experienced within such fields

Review: I had very good experiences with the LGD-4033 (alcohol solution), but I wanted something better. Since I am very satisfied with the Peptex products, I buy the LGD-4033 Oil Based Sarms. I started taking every two days (1ml / 50mg) every day. The effect is enormous! Strength, endurance, muscle building. The laboratory values have deteriorated, so I don't take this for longer than 8 weeks.

Date: 15th July 2020

Product: SR9009 (capsule)

Reviewer: Gordon Hill

ReviewReally does work for me, weight is really dropping off and my stamina has gone right up.

Date: 28th August 2020

Product: Peptex Laboratories FULLEXXX Hyaluronic Acid based SEO Muscle Enhancing Research Solution 50mL

In the past I have used a product called Mediphorm but found it to be very expensive, Fullexxx does exactly the same job for half the price. I found back filling a 2ml syringe and using a 22g needle the easiest way to use this product. Getting great results and would definitely recommend. 5*



Product: GHRP-2 5mg

Sent vial for testing at Janovik;

Confirmed: GHRP-2 peptide present in vial

Dose: 5.1mg

Purity: 99.3%

I am a researcher and before committing to other order I tested the cheapest peptide first - then tested the IGF1-LR3 & DES - same/similar results.

I have since tested (myself in university with my professor) and never had a bad or wrong item.

Very honest and professional. Thank you

By S.Z 5*


Product: PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg

Awesome 2mg dose stacked with Cialis and dapoxetine best bedroom combo ever

Partner had 2mg but had throbbing engorged below for 24hrs and a bit nauseous

BY BA 5*


Product: HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg

A1. Best I’ve used, run for 4 months waist went from 36in to 32in n I look n feel great.

By C (no surname left) 5*


Product: Peptex Laboratories Ltd Edition Synergy Ultra XXX 120mg x 60 capsules - 8 in 1 SUPER STRONG SARM

I am an experienced user of research products - this mix is NOT for beginners, Newbies etc - don't even think about it. What Wade has done here is put together an in INSANE mix of nearly popular SARM there is, into one capsule. The results have been incredible although I (I mean my mice) have suffered bad insomnia. Thank god Peptex also sold SLEEPEX - this stuff I take just before I down a scoop of whey protein and peanut butter pre bed and in 30-45 mins I am out. I struggle to sleep when I am out. I suffer from a rare genetic condition which causes muscle wastage, this lead to me looking into SARMS and stumbling upon Peptex. PLEASE run another batch when you reopen - you can tell this is the real deal as I know the raw prices of the ingredients, and 8 into 1 is not cheap. Wade - please keep going - please keep being a mad professor Big Rami look alike and keep developing unique, novel products. Thank you and may god bless you and your family.

By L.ADE.W 5*


Product: CJC-1295 with DAC 5mg

I had used my same pep comp for years - then started feeling like my products were not doing the job. I know its not proof at all - but if I pin 5mg of this in one go (heavy bulk part of pep cycle inc 5mg CJCDAC 2 x weekly mon-thurs) I get the maddest headrush. Like I popped a bluey LOL. I am NOW getting the results expected - tried and tested, CJC1295DAC + Ipamorelin as part of my growth phase saw me clean up at 2 shows in 19 and I am going for the pro card in 20. ALSO - Wade offers prep services as he is also a former bodybuilder, footballer and recently got his bloody pro card as a boxer! - he doesnt advertise it but has a site at ackleyperformance.org as he is busy enough but he did my last one and I was blown away (baffled more like!) behind the science, the compounds, the phase alternations and matching diet to suit. I have never come in bigger, in better condition and importantly - I felt healthy - I was allowed 1/2 day of cheat food after comp and then eased back into a more normal diet. Researching this I have found out why he did this. Also Alkalised my diet and ensured I had scans and checks and blood work regular – he cares for his clients. Also found out he works with 2 top US MMA UFC teams and fights out of the biggest MMA gym in the UK - says it all! So Businessman, Scientist/Dr, Father, Husband, Boxer, Bodybuilder – a massive inspiration. If you ever meet him and you see his right cross in action (I believe he is going to after the world record for literally the hardest punch in the world held by Francis Ngannou) it is CRAZY. Ask him about it and he broke down each tiny bit of a punch and mechanics behind it – the arm position, hip and feet movement, the importance of utilising your latissimus dorsi and locking it in while connecting the punch – blew me away. I cannot recommend his services or his products enough – he is a mad busy guy that takes time out for everyone – top top man.

By: NG 5*

Product: Peptex Laboratories MENTEXXX - Tri Blend of MENT 15mg, RAD-140 10mg and S23 15mg

Got to Marbella in 4 days. Used 2 a day. Game changer, literally every day body changed., strength flew up like I was on 150mg of naps and a g of test! If you run this - do yourself a favour and have all your PCT meds in place before you start. Awesome awesome awesome!

By C.D 5*


Product: L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution

No doubt it works - it does what I expected, it goes through a slin pin with ease. BUT - PIP - for 1-2 days after is a mofo. I sorted this by normal protocol - alco swab test area, pin, alco swab light (dont press on the area you pinned) then wait 30-60 mins, have test subject have a warm bath and it helps the site dissipate and reduces pip massively, Also as and when needed some ibuprofen helps. Been through 200ml of this stuff with the odd few days break, it does wonders but you need to ready for the pip and hopefully my tip above helps you all.

By M.S 4*


Product: Peptex Laboratories HGH Fragment 176-191 10mg GMP Receptor Grade Research Peptide 99 percent+ Purity

You see the difference and feel the difference immediately comparing this GMP Frag to the usual media frag. I had great results with the media grade frag, but was curious to try the GMP stuff - wasnt sure if the hype was real but after getting in on a promo - I can confirm this stuff is the dogs bollocks. Vacuum sealed so you know its made in a GMP facility, I ran 10mg and literally saw the changes daily. If you can afford this, go for it, its expensive but very worth it, I am saving up to bulk buy now lol

By F – no surname left


Product: L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution

L-Carnitine in this form is hard to find but be warned, the pip is real. I used 200mg and on an eod basis and found amazing long term benefits. Good luck to all

By S.F 4*



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