After extensive research, R&D, trials and testing, we have worked tirelessly to create 15+ unique products - SARMS, PPAR ACTIVATORS, MYOSTATIN INHIBITORS, SLEEP AIDS & More, just check out the below selection. Please note - these items are not to be used by any human in a competitive environment and are banned by WADA and USADA primarily.

·     All raw SARM powders are individually HPLC batch tested for quality - the products we provide are the equivalent of pharmaceutical grade and we have published our test data.

·     Batches are only processed if purity is OVER 99.00%+ - all batches are tested and come with COA which have been published.

           Legal Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, MHRA or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content we provide, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Peptex Laboratories ACP-105 60 x 7.5mg
Product Name: ACP-10560 capsules x 7.5mg ·      ACP-105 is as pot..
Peptex Laboratories EREKTEXXX - 60 capsules pre activity sexual enhancer!
Erektexxx is a new product designed purely for pleasure purposes, designed to take an hour before pr..
Peptex Laboratories GW501516 Cardarine 10mg x 60 capsules - PPAR Modulator
BACK IN STOCKGW501516 Cardarine was formulated as being a catalyst to increasing lean size, hardeni..
Peptex Laboratories Intellipep Ultimate Nootropic Formula - Adrafanil, Caffeine, L-Theanine
We personally use and love this combo, and felt they worked so well together we would create an all ..
Peptex Laboratories LGD-3033 60 capsules x 10mg
Product Name: LGD-303360 capsules x 10mg ·     Greatly enhances lean m..
Peptex Laboratories LGD-4033 60 caps x 10mg
Product Name: LGD-403360 capsules x 10mg ·     LGD-4033 is allegedly t..
Peptex Laboratories Ltd Edition Synergy Ultra XXX 120mg x 60 capsules - 8 in 1 SUPER STRONG SARM
Back in stock 8/11 - last 10 bottles remaining! 8 in stock for pre-xmas promo.Our best selling,..
Peptex Laboratories Male Test Boost Pro - 30mg x 1346mg
Proudly made in the UK. A complex combination of natural ingredients (well as much as possible!) to ..
Peptex Laboratories MENT 25mg x 60 capsules
Now in stock!Each tub contains 60 x 25mg MENT  7alpha-methyl-19-nortestostrone..
Peptex Laboratories MENTEXXX - Tri Blend of MENT 15mg, RAD-140 10mg and S23 15mg
Available now and in stock.Further details to come, contents;MENT 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestostrone: ..
Peptex Laboratories MK-677 - GHXXX (Ibutamoren) 20mg x 60 capsules
MK677 – AKA GHXXX/Ibutamoren: Oral Growth Hormone ReleaseBACK IN STOCK Looking for a potent GH re..
Peptex Laboratories OSTAPEP - MK2866 - Ostarine 60 caps x 20mg
·     Well known SARM known to produce significant muscle mass with few ris..
Peptex Laboratories PEP-CT 825mg x 60 capsules PCT Anti Estrogen all in one Arimistane
A complete all in one research PCT product, designed  to help keep estrogen at bay, while boost..
Peptex Laboratories Pepterine S4 (Andarine) 60 caps x 20mg
Product Name: PEPTERINE S460 capsules x 20mg ·     Has been shown in s..
Peptex Laboratories RAD-140 Testolone 60 x 10mg
Product Name: RAD-14060 capsules x 10mg ·     Increases muscle mass an..
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