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About Us - Peptex Laboratories - the UK & Europes No.1 Provider of Research Peptides, SARMS, Laboratory supplies and machinery.


Peptex Laboratories was founded by myself Dr Wade Ackley in 2017. At that time, I was not only a competitive bodybuilder, a father and husband but I was also studying for my Masters Degree MSc in Biochemistry.

In 2010 having competed on stage twice that year I suffered a heart attack 3 days after my second show. I was told that my Ejection Fraction rate (the hearts force measurement for the pumping ability of blood) was 17% - it should have been in the high end of the 70%+ range. My ventricular and atrial chambers were grossly damaged and oversized, my heart dimensions were well above normal and as is the case with many athlete I had severe left ventricular hypertrophy - very common unfortunately among professional athletes.

I was in hospital for some time, and I used all my money on internet cards for the pull over monitor to carry out research as to how to repair my heart. The Cardiologists and Doctors all told me I needed to sign up for the transplant register and I was yet to reach the age of 30.

I completely refused to accept this - I would not allow it. Having spent a further 3 weeks in hospital I was released under an in-patient basis and from there I was like a dog with a bone - I was set on healing myself as all the Doctors did was prescribe a Beta Blocker, an Ace Inhibitor for Heart Failure prevention and blood thinning medication.

For a month solid I spent my time researching the internet, libraries, making calls to other Cardiologists and Professors across the globe. I then started to find certain treatments - all of which were natural - being mentioned. During my review of my notes I realised I could formulate a specific protocol to cover all the bases needed to give my heart the best chance possible of recovering. 

I emailed my protocol to a very kind, helpful professor based in the US who had helped me with vital information and he told me to go with it for 2 months, and report back. I did just that and this time period coincided with one of my echocardiogram outpatient appointments. At this appointment - 3 months from date of discharge - while the Cardiologist was measuring the specifics of my heart - he kept referencing back to past values and could not understand what was going on. He left the room - leaving me very concerned, only to come back with the other two resident cardiologists in the building. They asked me what I had been eating, what drugs had I been taking! When I asked why - I was informed my heart had returned back to the upper end of normal parameters size wise and my ejection fraction was then taken - at 78%.

I explained in the best way possible that I did their job for them - I researched and refused to accept defeat no matter what and my protocol would not be given to them to then publish and gain popularity and credit in the next medical journal they subscribe to. it would be freely published online throughout forums where people who may not have the same ability or determination that I have, could use the same approach and gain similar hopeful results.

A year later and having had a further Cat Scan, MRI and Echo done, with my heart back to exactly where it needs to be - I was discharged. I will not title or detail my protocol name or where its located as the key to recovery was so basic its now spouted by Doctors to their patients across the globe - but I am very thankful that despite the devastating impact this issue had on me and my family - I have also helped hundreds - potentially thousands - improve their health in a massive way. This was the start of my obsession with healing the body - starting with minerals, vitamins, amino acids which are as we all know what I now essentially sell today. A peptide being an Amino Acid in a specific sequence, lyophilised for preservation for when it is time to conduct research or further study.

Peptex Laboratories - The Catalyst

During my studies I dedicated my thesis to Peptides - in particular Peptides that aid in healing, prevent muscle wastage and also anti ageing. I then spent nearly a year of my life wasting money by buying peptides from various sites - some recommended to me by University Professors, that when it came to testing the peptide (for obvious reasons prior to any clinical research it is imperative to verify the peptide is the correct sequence, molecular weight and is of the highest purity level, otherwise what is the use in conducting such research when the results will be false or inaccurate)

Of the 100+ vials of peptides I purchased - 3 were fit for use. The rest contained either purely Mannitol - something which while it sometimes has a place and use - is usually hazardous in nature and totally bunk for any research objective. The rest were GHRP-2, 191AA HGH! Sermorelin - all were of such low purity levels it was to me a crime to sell such products.

Of the 3 peptides that did conform to my required specifications - all 3 were from the same laboratory which has locations in 4 European countries. I purchased 18 additional peptide varieties - and via Gas Chromatography/HPLC/MS testing and then sending them to my colleague to run sequencing analysis on the batches we found the golden ticket so to speak.

I found there was a clear need to provide high quality, high purity, correctly sequenced peptides and not only that - vendors of peptides on many sites would sell at astronomical prices - a real world example being GHRP-6 - which as I type this information as of July 2021 - is being sold for £176.00 GBP for 1 x 5mg vial with a 95% purity level as per their published COA on site. This is a clear example - to me - that many vendors of such items felt they could completely rip people off with such ludicrous prices -  so my goal and purpose in life was then set. To start a new company that provided Peptides with a minimum 99% purity level (some peptides are never going to hit 99% by their make up naturally, but in such cases we accept those in the 98.5%+ but only when we know this is through no other fault than the sequences make up naturally.) to be sold not only exclusively to the big Pharma companies who utilise peptides as a base to develop their drugs from - but to people like myself at that time - individuals going through their own research journey, to Schools, Clinics, Private and Public Laboratories, Universities and Research Institutes. Hence Peptex Laboratories was born.

Peptex Laboratories - Present Day

We have - thanks majorly to our customers, grown our range of developmental peptides 10 fold from when started. We now also manufacture a range of SARMS and similar related research chemicals in various forms - oil, capsulated, suspensions and solutions - as well as laboratory equipment and more recently - machinery such as Tablet Presses, Capsule Filling Machines, Capsule & Tablet counters and dispensers, blister packing machines and more - the aim was to open up to not just the scientific community but to the Health & Fitness Industry - the Nutraceutical start ups that currently white label their products (they pay other companies to make them and trust them with that and stick their own label on) We want to encourage them to be brave - take responsibility, give your clients products you know in your heart are the best possible products available and that you have first hand proof of this. A Tablet Press for example - our TDPEP 1.5 - costs £2500 all inc to your door. We cover all fees and costs and even use our own courier to deliver and set up. That £2500 spent, has the ability to produce 5000 tablets an hour. Ran for 4 hours a day - that is 20,000 tablets made and in your desired colour shape size and thickness - which you will then bottle up into 50's or 100's - the profit potential for such companies is huge and we want to help. This is why we offer our machinery service as fully inclusive - we deal with any customs documents, import fees, VAT - our customer just needs to complete the order, make payment, be sure they have provided the right email and contact number and leave it to us. We will update you regularly right up until we deliver the item/s to your door. We provide a warranty that stretches across Europe for 12 months and the warranty provided is by us - not a third party foreign company who you are fobbed off to as is typically the case. And yes - if you are thinking 'yeah right will Wade fly to Lithuania to help a man out with a broken Capsule filling machine' - well sorry my good friend but that is wrong! I will personally fly out to any European country - twice maximum over 12 months - but I ask that if an overnight stay is needed that my expenses for a basic hotel room and food are covered by the buyer - as I will be shelling out for plane tickets and parts and everything else. I think that is more than fair and do not know any other company that offers this.

We have just redesigned and built our new website - and we have ambitious plans over the coming 12 months. As many customers are no doubt aware, I often update such info in my newsletter emails so if you are not subscribed - sign up and you will also receive exclusive discounts, coupon codes and samples - free samples for you to test to verify that we are THAT confident in the products we sell.

Our customers are our business and without them, no doubt we would have closed at points in 2020 and even at the start of 2021 - but our customers - many of whom I now know well enough to call them friends - have always spurred me on and that is why I am still here..that is why Peptex Laboratories are the Number 1 supplier of Peptides and research materials pertaining to the Life Sciences field throughout Europe and by far No.1 in the UK. 

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