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Peptex Laboratories MK677 0.5g RAW SAMPLE GH Secretagogue

Peptex Laboratories MK677 0.5g RAW SAMPLE GH Secretagogue
Peptex Laboratories MK677 0.5g RAW SAMPLE GH Secretagogue
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Peptex Laboratories MK677 0.5g RAW SAMPLE GH Secretagogue 

As per the title, 0.5g weighted samples for anyone to buy, test, validate, verify the high quality and purity which we claim, have tested and are one of if not the only supplier that will provide direct raw samples for testing and verification.

Limited quantity remaining. As an example for someone wishing to make a dropper solution, MK677 is soluble in Water, Ethanol, PPG and for those making a skin barrier penetrating cream - DMSO. Note as you may well know DMSO can induce an unpleasant aroma when applied to the body so again please ensure this is for research purposes only. 

This item is also easily capsulated - capsule filling machines can be brought on Amazon - eg a size 3 - 100 capsule machine can be brought for £21.98 https://amzn.to/3xoz3d5 - for 1000 vegetarian capsules, quality does matter and Capsuline are well reputed - 1000 can be brought for £14.52 https://amzn.to/3lBNTuF 

From there:

The method of using a manual capsule filler is very simple, as follows:

  1. Open the empty capsules and place the lower halves (the ‘body’) in the holes of the bottom plate of the filler. Often capsule fillers have spacers that are inserted between the base plate and the plate with holes into which the capsules are fitted. These need to be set so that the lower body of each capsule is flush with the top of the plate that holds the capsule bodies.
  2. Pour the liquid or powder into the body of each capsule, ensuring an even distribution of powder using a spreader plate.
  3. Take out the spacers and gently tap the plate with holes downwards so that each of the capsule bodies protrudes from the top of the plate.
  4. Place the top half (‘cap’) of each capsule onto the lower half but do not press down firmly until all are in place. Once all the tops are in place, they can be pressed down gently (often a click is heard when they are all completely fitted.
  5. If the machine has an upper plate into which caps can be loaded, fit these into the upper plate, and then flip the plate over and align it with the bottom plate, ensuring that all capsules halves are perfectly aligned.
  6. Press the top plate firmly to secure the top of each capsule with the corresponding lower half.

One thing to learn is to dose the capsule correctly. You will need to learn how to formulate and dose your own mixture. In simple terms as a generic example, take 60 capsules of MK677 with each capsule containing 20mg of MK677. 60 x 20mg = 1200mg or 1.2g. So you will need 1.2g of raw MK677 to make 60 capsules - with the rest of the capsule containing the filling agent of your choice and ideally a lubricant like Magnesium Stearate to help prevent any mixtures clogging up and the formula from clogging up - it aids with the flow of the mixture - this is something you can find online fairly easily.

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