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Updated for October 2020 - due to requests for supply of this item in lesser volumes, we now supply this item in 3 x 20ml vials, this means 60ml total and no additional charge, thank you for the support behind this product this was rrequested by numerous researchers and has exceeded our famous Synergy Ultra SARM as our best selling product. Note unlike many other similar items on the market we use Unique, Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid, British Pharmacopoeia grade Distilled Water, BP Grade Adenosine Triphosphate, and BP Grade Glycine and BA. This SEO Solution is water based - HA has the ability to hold a lot of water inside the muscle, 1 gram of HA has the ability to hold up to 6 litres of water, hence its use as a safer alternative to other SEO products - in addition HA is produced naturally in the body.


4 varieties of cross linked Hyaluronic Acid

Distilled Filtered BP grade Water

Adenosine Triphosphate


1.5% Benzyl Alcohol

NOTE: This product is very thick in nature, due to the fact it contains a very high concentration of cross linked HA. We had supplied this previously in syringes, however we have now received a new dispensing machine which can process the solution and dispense into 20ml vials. We still send the syringes, and the 21g needles, which are used to draw up the solution. Heat can help the solution thickness, i.e. by placing the vial in a dish of warm water that covers 2cm of the vial for a few mins. It does not impact the quality or efficiency of the product. 

HA is used in many filler type products, usually to 'plump' up certain facial areas, as well as increase size in other various areas of the anatomy. One example is Juve-derm - this comes in a pre-loaded syringe and we now know why this is (FYI our product is higher dosed than Juve-derm) Juve-derm is a medical product designed for human use to achieve anti ageing effects, they have a variety of other products depending on intended use, but through our research, we have designed our product to be at least 5 x the concentration as Juvederm (we do not state the dose, as we spent a lot of time researching and it is then something that any competitor can try to copy without putting in the study, research and understanding, as we have, prior to producing anything) with added ingredients we feel will benefit many researchers looking into this field.

We have had multiple positive reviews on this product - for people querying if it flows through a 23g blue pin, I have had many responses that it does, although may need patience when conducting experiments.

The product will be extremely well protected and sent with maximum professionalism and discretion in mind.

Note - this product is not related to 'Juvederm ' nor do we have any affiliation with the brand it is mentioned merely for informative reasons. Note this product is for research use only - by research we refer to in-vitro laboratory tests only.

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