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L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution

L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution
L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution
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  • Model: L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution
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Note with effect 10/02/2020 L-Carnitine is now being sold in 20ml form due to customer request - this may be sent in 1 x 20ml vial with silicone stopper and lid or 2 x 10ml vials with silicone stoppers and flip off lids. The quality and quantity remain the same.

L-Carnitine Injectable for research/laboratory purposes.

Each ml contains 400mg/mL L-Carnitine and comes in a sterile, 20ml glass vial with silicone stopper and flip off cap. The benefits of L-Carnitine are fairly well known and quite extensive, however in summary, L-Carnitine:

  •       Plays an important role in mobilising fatty deposits found in tissues
  •       Helps to stabilise blood sugar and eliminate carb cravings
  •       Enhances the consumption of fat as as a source of fuel
  •       Has been shown to improve lean muscle strength
  •       Reduces fatigue and increases energy
  •       Has been found to suppress the appetite in certain people

Our injectable L-Carnitine comes in a sterile 20ml vial, which contains 400mg/mL. Each vial also is shrink wrapped at the lidded section for your security and to prevent any possible tampering.

Strictly for research purposes. Let us know how your research goes! 

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