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The ultimate recomposition package, designed with input from a variety of customers, we feel this offer of 5 tubs, all work together amazingly well in being able to produce dramatic recomposition results if used with proper care, thought and determination. For our customers who conduct self experiments, this package covers all bases;

S23 - a powerful androgenic SARM capable of building dense, hard muscle fibre

MK677-GHXXX - the most powerful oral GH release capsule available, vastly increases GH output and brings with it the expected results of utilising Growth Hormone but ensuring it is the test subjects natural hormone, and not synthetic introduction.

TUDCA - one of the most potent liver and kidney protection aids available, please see our individual TUDCA listing for full info on this amazing liver + kidney care product.

SHREDEXXX - our best selling, 3 in 1 fat burner. Combining SR9009, GW501516 and Yohimbine, this product has been our best selling fat burner for over 2 years now for a reason. It works amazingly well, even working while test subjects are not being entirely active, we combined these 3 great ingredients into one capsule to produce our now well renowned SHREDEXXX.

PEP-CT - Containing a variety of natural products to aid in boosting natural testosterone production, and keeping oestrogen at bay, this product contains Arimistane, one the most powerful, legal, AI and PCT aids available today. Used after experiment cycles have completed to aid in restoring natural test output.

This combo package contains 5 tubs, each with 60 capsules. Limited stocks available of this amazing combo offer.

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