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SARMS - Single Units

We produce a wide variety of SARMS, in capsulated form which come tubbed in quantities of 60's, in addition we offer most SARMS and stacked SARMS in Oil Solution and also via strawberry flavour, alcohol based, dropper solution. Please hover or click the SARMS menu on the home page to access the other variants.

  • All raw SARM powders are individually HPLC batch tested for quality - the products we provide are the equivalent of pharmaceutical grade and we have published our test data for our raw SARMS – see Lab Reports.
  • Batches are only processed if purity is OVER 99.00%+ - all batches are also subject to quarterly batch testing at random which we again openly publish.
  • Legal Disclaimer: This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, MHRA or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content we provide, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.
Model: l-car600
Peptex Laboratories L-Carnitine Injectable 600mg/mL - 50mL Vial - Research SolutionNEW HIGH DOSE! 600mg/ml - 50ml vials - may be sent in 5 x 10ml or 50ml but regardless you will receive what you pay for!You asked, we delivered.Disclaimer: All chemical compounds have risks. Please read all available..
After collaborating with some of our private research companies and individuals, we found that we were often approached for an all in one Super SARM. We already had this in Synergy Ultra and the unbelievable Synergy Ultra XXX, however it was put to us, why not utilise some of the most potent SARMS a..
Model: alphalgd
When they are sold that is it limited stocks. Exp October 2022LGD-4033, otherwise known as Ligandrol Sarm (Stenabolic), selectively targets the androgen receptors in muscle and bone. It is considered the most powerful muscle builder of the entire SARMS range as well as creating drastic increases in ..
Model: alphasaleyk
Limited stocks, when they are sold that is it for good!Expiry date October 2022YK-11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator and directly binds to the androgen receptors. YK-11 suppresses Myostatin and offers users lean size gains without water retention, increase in muscular size and strength, m..
Model: alphasales4
Reduced sale price - limited stocks when sold we will not have any more in stock.25mg x 60 capsules - EXP October 2022S4 yields excellent fat burning and muscle building abilities, even while the user is reducing weight. S4 binds to androgen receptors selectively and hence can increase strength and ..
Model: alpharad
RAD-140 (Testolone) is a highly effective SARM in a class of androgen receptor (AR) ligands that are tissue selective, developed to treat muscle wasting associated with cancer, acute and chronic illness and age-related muscle loss. It is extremely effective at increasing athletic endurance, stamina,..
Model: EB1
Now updated to include new novel peptides that have recently been tested through in-vitro, in-vivo and even human clinical trials - the likes of MOTS-C, Thymosin Alpha 1 & more.If you are clueless about the world of peptides, SARMS, Myostatin Inhibitors & so forth, this guide is designed to ..
Model: Brutal LIVER ARMOUR
November 2021 - Liver Armour is BACK! While they can cope with the demand!Liver Armour by Brutal Labs is one of the purest, strongest Liver protectant supplements out there on the market today. Not only does it contain a hefty dose of 250mg of TUDCA, it also contains 500mg of Milk Thistle (80% ..
Model: L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 20mL Vial - Research Solution
Note with effect 10/02/2020 L-Carnitine is now being sold in 20ml form due to customer request - this may be sent in 1 x 20ml vial with silicone stopper and lid or 2 x 10ml vials with silicone stoppers and flip off lids. The quality and quantity remain the same.L-Carnitine Injectable for research/la..
L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 50mL Vial - Research Solution
New Hot
Model: LCAR50
Peptex Laboratories L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 50mL Vial - Research SolutionOur best selling product is now available in a single 50ml vial offering, at an even better price and on sale for a limited time only!Note: The vials we use are not the thinner borosilicate glass but are ste..
Model: mod20
 Note: Price is per 1 strip – 10 tablets per strip – pricing is based on market research of UK suppliers with this same product or similar in stock. We found the average price to be £18 per 1 strip. Our price is £12 per 1 strip, however payment must be made via the Bitcoin option – and when..
Model: TUDCA
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) is an ambiphilic bile acid. It is the taurine conjugate form of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). Humans are found to have trace amounts of TUDCA. However, bears contain large amounts of TUDCA in their bile; UDCA and conjugates comprise..
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