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GW501516 Cardarine was formulated as being a catalyst to increasing lean size, hardening muscles, and attaining additional strength. It’s the perfect Recomping PPAR Modulator.

Lab Trials
In  rats, binding of GW501516 to PPARδ recruits the co activator PGC-1a.  The PPARδ/coactivator complex in turn up regulates the expression of proteins involved in energy expenditure. Further more, in rats treated with GW501516, increased fatty acid metabolism in skeletal muscle and protection against diet-induced obesity and type II diabetes was observed. In obese rhesus monkeys, GW501516 increased high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and lowered very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL). The mechanism by which PPARδ agonists increase HDL appears to be a result of increased expression of the cholesterol transporter ABCA1.


    PPAR Modulator
    Recomping Agent
    Increased endurance / stamina
    Increased Fat Loss / Muscle Retention
    Increased Recovery / Power Output
    Cholesterol Control

GW501516, better known as Cardarine, is well known to increase stamina, endurance and aid with body recomposition goals. A catalyst for increasing muscle size and strength.

Each capsule contains 10mg, and each bottle contains 60 capsules, meaning one bottle could last someone between 30-60 days. It is an amazingly well regarded PPAR modulator, and we feel our price and value is unbeatable. Why? We sell direct – no middleman – no marketing fluff. Our raw ingredients have to meet the benchmark of 99%+ in terms of purity and we have published our most recent batch testing on our site.

Our GW501516 stacks well with our other SARMS and is in our Synergy Ultra and Synergy Y products. This products also works amazingly well as a standalone, when used as a dietary supplement aid in addition to that of a healthy well balanced diet and training programme.  

GW 501516 – is actually not a SARM. In fact it is a PPAR Delta Modulator. This means it is a selective agonist with a high affinity for the PPAR. As a result, this modulation allows the body to utilize more glucose and allows the body to create more muscle tissue. GW also regulates the various proteins that the body uses for energy.

What does this mean for the user?

It means an increase in energy and endurance. Additionally, it may also mean an increase in muscle mass. It is possible that GW may have a positive effect on blood pressure and lipid profile.

Dosing is in the 7mg to 21mg range, with 14mg being the “sweet spot”. The average GW cycle is typically 4 to 12 weeks. GW is non-hormonal, and therefore requires no PCT. However, it does stack well with other SARMS and select Peptex products to further increase fat l

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