Peptex Laboratories Ltd Edition Synergy Ultra XXX 120mg x 60 capsules - 8 in 1 SUPER STRONG SARM


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Tags: Peptex Laboratories Ltd Edition Synergy Ultra XXX 120mg x 60 capsules - 8 in 1 SUPER STRONG SARM

12/06/21 - New Batches of this long requested 8 in 1 have just been finished - we make this item 2/3 times a year at the most as the cost does not make it financially viable unless we made mass volume. As this item is quite niche, its is produced in one off batch runs as and when we can. At present we have 100 units available which - from the last 3-4 years of selling this item - will sell out within a week - so if you are interested and this notice reads in stock, do not miss out if it fits your requirements.

Our best selling, world first 6 in 1 got XXX'd! Now and then we make a very small limited run of Synergy Ultra XXX Ltd Edition.

From 6 in 1 - we now have 8 ingredients in one fully dosed capsule.

MK2866 Ostarine (Ostapep) 20mg

MK677 Imutamoren (GHXXX) 20mg

S23 - 10mg

YK11 7.5mg

S4 Andarine (Pepterine) - 20mg

GW501516 Cardarine 20mg

RAD-140 Testolone 7.5mg

LGD 4033 10mg

Combining 5 highly powerful SARMS, 1 x amazing GH Secretagogue, 1 x PPAR Activator, 1 x Rev-ErbA Agonist and 1 x Myostatin Inhibitor, this product will produce results like nothing else on the legal market. For those researching muscle wastage diseases - this product has been designed to cover every base possible to enable new muscle tissue growth along with enhanced healing of tendons, ligaments, increases bone mineral density and so much more.

Results from anecdotal client testing have been nothing short of amazing and we have made a limited stock of 100 tubs for sale. When this run is out that is it until Autumn 21.

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