Consultation Service


We are now able to work with our customers to create one to one, specific tailored plans dependant on their research needs. With access to a professor, two doctors, each with their own specialist area, as well as a genealogist, a biochemist (ahem) we are able to structure a unique package to help you with your specific needs.

Note this service is also at our sole discretion. If we feel we cannot provide genuine valuable assistance to you, we will not take any payment or order from you. After you order you will be sent an initial consultation form to fill in and at this stage if we feel we can/cannot help, we will advise you. We do not want to take money for the sake of ripping people off that is not in our companies ethos.

The price I have detailed is dependent on you following the recommendations given, providing the necessary information needed, and are for periods of 12 and 24 weeks.

Each Package includes the necessary peptides/sarms or other research agents you be researching. If blood testing is needed, this is also arranged within our network.

You will receive a fully tailored plan, day by day and you will be accountable for weekly updates. 

Prior to any service provided, the relevant disclaimer forms need to be signed and returned.

We have created this service as over the past two years we have been referring customers to our specialists etc and then they come back to us and back to them and usually there is a ‘coach’ or ‘teacher’ in the middle somewhere.

This is a completely tailored package designed to meet your goals in every way. If you are serious about accomplishing your goals – let us help you and free up the many hours of research, cost of research products, reagents, supplements etc.

This is only for experienced individuals and not for the beginner or intermediate researcher.


12 Week Consultation Package
Please see the full info above - this is the cost for the 12 week option, fully inclusive...
24 Week Consultation Package
Please see the info above, this is the cost for the 24 week package...
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