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10th June 2019

Dear Customers,

I wanted to write a formal apology for the downtime and slow service received. While I don't stand for excuses, there have been numerous factors that come into play.

Our website was reported as having lags/glitches etc. We decided to build a new site, which we opened for a day or two, then went wrong with numerous issues. So we had to back everything up, and completely rebuild from scratch. This has been very time consuming and frustrating, especially as we will be closed for order next Monday 17th-21st (on email support only but I am attending a few seminars up north)

We have had issues with the post office, where we were dropping voluminous sacks to them only for them to sit 1-2 days before moving. Their excuse was our labels the ink was printed so thick the barcode couldn't pick it up so every parcel had to be handled manually. Why they didn't tell me a week before I dont know! We have just received our Royal Mail label printer and will be having our orders collected by RM instead of using a local PO.

Errors in picking -  we were under the pump, we made some errors on picking a handful of customer orders but any issues we haven't resolved, we will, with due compensation if needed.

I had personally had gastroenteritis for a week before last month, thought I was over it, thought "my customers have been really supportive let me show them the love back" but I kind of built a rod for my own back that way as we were swarmed! Then - I got Gastroenteritis again! For a week! It sounds like a story from Bill McBullshit but its the truth and my guys in my team know the deal.

So the last 4 weeks have been horrific. BUT we have worked through, the site is newly made and built, and we are pleased to be open again

We will now complete the site last touches and then we will get this site up and running with an email going out to all our customers with our promo (a sensible one!)

All we can say is we are deeply sorry for the delays, the lacks of comms, we had been going over 3 years prior to this with no issues, and so we hit a bump, smoothed it out and I can assure all customers;

  • We have good stock levels in.
  • We will be offering further multipack deals
  • We will be laser focused on service
  • We will do our best to give you the best quality product at the best possible price.

Once more, we are very sorry for what has occurred but this week we will be on top again where we should be!

Warm regards


  • Jun 10, 2019
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