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**THE UK'S PREMIUM RESEARCH PEPTIDE & SARM SUPPLIER** PLEASE REMEMBER OUR NEW EMAIL - - the hello@ is no more! MENT, MENTEXXX and EREKTEXXX are finally in stock with all our other SARMS - we apologise for the delay but hope you will appreciate the finished article. 13/11: Emails - I am now reserving a set time period to every day to ensure I keep up with communication with all our customers, we have had a time of it with the recent SARM batches but 7 days a week we will be replying to emails for a set period of time. Sorry for the delay in responding.


Peptex Synergy Ultra 6 Compound SARM

This will not be a long old slog of a post...but we just wanted to chuck up a little more info on our Synergy SARM range.

2 weeks back, we held a sale and we included our SARMS, which were made, but our bottle and label companies failed to deliver - so we had to send the items out in temp bottles and lower quality labels. Product quality of course was unaffected.

We do finally have the right bottles, lids, seals and 75% of labels in now (as of 5th Nov) and the rest are due tomorrow. Below is a quick snap (my phone doesnt have the best quality - apologies) we will be getting revised professional pics done;

To confirm;

Capsules are vegetarian, bottles are pharmaceutical pharmapac glass bottles with aluminium lid, seal and silicon sachet to ensure no moisturise affects the product.

We look forward to customer feedback - we are not splashing this product all over the place online - we are that confident that when someone uses the Synergy range, realises what results they bring, the product will advertise itself. (I know, it sounds arrogant but meh!)

If you are a high profile Social Media athlete, researcher, bio-hacker and the like and would like to test/run/write about any of our products, please get in touch.

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