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NEW EMAIL: DO NOT USE, it no longer exists. 21st August 2019 - Dear customers, if you are waiting on an order update they are being done this morning, with last orders leaving today from the sale period. We had some payments come in late but we have cancelled any non paid orders, and for now while we send our existing orders it is business as usual. THANK YOU! All products listed on this site are for research use only and not for human consumption but for in-vitro lab testing.


Alpha Laboratories SARMS are now available in the UK!

Edit - update as of Feb 2019 - we no longer import Alpha Labs products, as we felt it was time to launch our own line up, but if you are considering purchasing SARMS, and choose not to opt for our own products, if we could recommend any other SARM company, it would be Alpha Labs. Attention to detail, due diligence, honesty, integrity and great products - what is not to like?

After following Alpha Laboratories Malaysia for some time on IG, we were hugely impressed with the way they handled their business.

Professional, polite, superb products with extremely high purity levels meaning excellent products and results.

We had planned to release our own range, but we reached out to Alpha and asked if we could supply their goods to the UK and EU and beyond. They accepted and we are awaiting our first shipment which we are excited about!

We have a STACK of test reports in terms of HPLC, Mass Spec etc - these guys really undertook their due diligence with their goods and we are proud to support this fantastic company.

You can pre-order your goods NOW to avoid disappointment! 

More to come in the near future!

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Alpha Laboratories SARMS are now available in the UK!