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Peptex Labs New Range!

Well after much back and forth - we have finally decided to upgrade alot of areas within Peptex Laboratories which we initially were hesitant about, but now we are very pleased that we did!

So what have we done? 

  • Upgraded all labels to one look - we had alternated between 2 types previously due to poor choice of printing company, but we have gone all out on the new ones!
  • We have added our own SARM range - we have 3 stacked SARM products, Synergy Ultra, Synergy X and Synergy Y - all designed to work together beautifully and guaranteed to deliver outstanding results. We have tested our raw materials and they are all above 98% in terms of purity.
  • We have 2 new Nootropic stacked compounds - Peptellex and Intellipep. Intellipep is still in development but news will be available next week about it! We are all about providing the latest, leading research compounds and we feel that Nootropic substances go hand in hand with this. 
  • We have added quite a few new peptides to our line up - we do get new peptides made up but do not often add them to our permanent line up. So we have added: BPC-157 - 10mg (Permanent), TB500 5mg and BPC 157 5mg (Permanent), TB500 10mg - dependant on sales and feedback, we may make this permanent as it offers great value for the researcher. We have added in Follistatin 315 1mg, GHK-cu Copper Peptide 50mg, Lipopeptide 50mg, BNP-32 1mg, EGF 10mg, Decapeptide-12 100mg, Matrixyl 3000 50mg. 
  • We have restocked a few combo peptides - MT2 5mg + PT141 5mg, Peg MGF 1mg + Ipamorelin 1mg, CJC1295 DAC 5mg + Hexarelin 5mg, and CJC1295 W/O DAC (Mod GRF 1-29) 5mg + GHRP-6 5mg. We also have limited stocks of 191AA 10iu which are strictly limited and for research use only. These 191AA stocks will be shipped directly from our Research and Development centre which is based within the EU, it is the only item that is, every other peptide we stock and ship from the UK. IGF1-DES has been restocked due to alot of requests!

Please bear us over the next week while we update our website, photos, descriptions and the like. We have some new labels for some items, but not all, so some items are being sent with the new label, some with the old and some with no label but in a pouch identifying what the product is. This is not something we like to do but is part of the new look and rebranding process.

We will continue to monitor customer requests and feedback and work with our R&D team to bring you the highest quality, leading peptides, SARMS and Nootropics that we possibly can.

We have turned our Whatsapp back on, after being inundated with so much spam from all over it was unreal! We will reply using this method as soon as we can but we do reply to emails quicker.

Well that's all folks for now. We are excited to show off our new range and look forward to your feedback!

Wade - Peptex Labs

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Peptex Labs New Range!