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THE UK'S PREMIUM RESEARCH PEPTIDE & SARM SUPPLIER. Check out our blog for information and the latest development news in the industry! PLEASE REMEMBER OUR NEW EMAIL - - the hello@ is no more! Update 16/10 - we have been back to back clearing orders and providing updates. I apologise for the delay in replying to emails, this will be done by tomorrow morning as a priority, so much so I will do this away from my office to prevent being called away. Thank you for your patience


An apology and some good news!

First to save time and get to it, these are the last 2 IG posts we put up:

In a nutshell - we had a crazy week - we have some new goods coming - we accidentally wiped our email inbox but have put up a FAQ pretty much that comes through which we hope will help. If you need a  specific response to an email please send it through - we are back to business as usual from tomorrow 1st April - no this is not an April Fools LOL!


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An apology and some good news!