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NEW EMAIL: DO NOT USE, it no longer exists. 21st August 2019 - Dear customers, if you are waiting on an order update they are being done this morning, with last orders leaving today from the sale period. We had some payments come in late but we have cancelled any non paid orders, and for now while we send our existing orders it is business as usual. THANK YOU! All products listed on this site are for research use only and not for human consumption but for in-vitro lab testing.


An apology and some good news!

First to save time and get to it, these are the last 2 IG posts we put up:

In a nutshell - we had a crazy week - we have some new goods coming - we accidentally wiped our email inbox but have put up a FAQ pretty much that comes through which we hope will help. If you need a  specific response to an email please send it through - we are back to business as usual from tomorrow 1st April - no this is not an April Fools LOL!


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An apology and some good news!