UPDATE: 15th June 2021: For those customers who have not registered with us or who are not subscribed to our newsletter - use coupon code JUNE21 for 40% off any order - valid until midnight (UK GMT) 17th June - 2 more days so be quick! To order add items to cart, click view cart, where it asks what do you want to do next? Click apply coupon code, enter code JUNE21 and press apply. Complete the checkout process as normal and do not forget to hit the final confirm order button at the end of checkout!

UPDATE: 9th June 2021 - Business has resumed as normal - 99% of orders have been dispatched and new stocks are due in imminently. We have started to add to our Nootropic Raw Powder Range - please see relevant category tab above. Thank you for your continued support and business, as always.

Note:  We have been asked to check if Our Online Advisory Manager Dean N works with our company - to confirm he DOES work with us - and I thank him hugely for his help and support with communicating with our clients - please support Dean as he continues his fantastic work helping Peptex Laboratories. The best has just started. Thank you.

02/05/21 - Please note, our packaging is changing slightly, mainly for the SARM Development Products, where we are ditching plastic tubs in favour of pouches - initially we were using a pouch that to my chagrin, did not seal again when opened. We now use a sealed pouch which can be resealed, inside is a silica sachet to prevent moisture entry. This packaging is more environmentally friendly, and means less capsules rattling around in transport, plus a more slimline delivery package. Please bear with us while we transition to updating all SARM and some Peptide packaging - normal peptide labels will remain but separate label designs for special edition peptides will be stocked and more a permanent & uniform themed label will soon be displayed on our SARM and other capsulated item products. Note: This is purely aesthetic, and the quality of the product ordered is still exactly that - the highest quality you have come to expect and know from Peptex Laboratories Ltd.

Thank you for visiting our website. Should you have any queries or questions please scroll down this home page to the footer, where specific instruction is noted as to how you can get in touch with us. Thank you!

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