What is a peptide? 

Peptides are natural biological or artificially manufactured short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds. The covalent chemical bonds are formed when the carboxyl group of one amino acid reacts with the amino group of another. 

How long will take for my parcel to arrive?

This is dependent on when and where you have ordered from geographically speaking. UK customers – we typically process your payment and dispatch within 24 hours on business days only. For our international customers, it can take between 1-3 days for your payment to clear if paying by bank transfer, once confirmed however we always endeavour to ship your order within 24 hours.

We take pride in our rapid process and dispatch of all customer orders.

Do I need to sign for my parcel?

We send parcels by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For and Royal Mail International Tracked. Both require a signature. If you do not want or are unable to sign for your package, please make a note in the comments section during checkout and we will send your order through either 1st Class regular post or International 1st class airmail. Both do not require any signature however it also means packages cannot be tracked and it is for this reason we are unable to accept any loss for packages lost in transit which cannot be proven.

For Express International Courier Shipments, whereby we have already discussed a confirmed shipping options, a signature, email, and phone number is required along with a full shipping address.

Where do you ship from?

All of our parcels are shipped from the UK, allowing swift transit into Europe and Internationally. It also allows for extremely quick UK delivery by Royal Mail.

Do you ship discretely?

All of our orders are shipped with just your address only and our return details and no other visible markings to discern contents, unless we ship outside of the EU, in which case a customs declaration is required.

Some of my labels are different in colour and the lids are not always purple, why is this?

Since our formation, we have evolved the look of our brand and we have 3 varieties of label. A darker purple one which we started with and stopped using in October 2018. We then used what we thought was a better quality label supplier who provided us with a lighter colour purple label but quality wise, not the best. Our new labels are white, with our logo and has some silver metallic elements.

Lid colour is dependant on batches and order volume. Our laboratory require a minimum 500 unit per item order to produce custom lid colours, so on occasions where we may not need 500 items, they will send us the same product we ask for but with whatever label colour they may have to hand. This is why sometimes the lids are different colours. Aesthetics aside any peptides we purchase have to conform to a 99%+ minimum purity requirement, and we receive test data to verify this. We will also be providing third party test data to further verify this. Our focus is and has always been on quality and service.

How should I store and handle my peptides when they arrive?

When peptides are received, ensure they are kept in a cool, dark place. For best preservation, store them under refrigeration at 4°C or colder, away from bright light. Dry peptides are stable at room temperature for weeks to months, but for long term storage up to 4 years, -20°C is preferred - however DO NOT freeze/defrost and re-freeze.

How do I pay for my order?

At present, we accept bank transfer for all orders, including for our International Customers. We also accept all major debit and credit cards through our Stripe payment gateway which provides the very highest level of security when completing transactions online - all data is handled by them and is highly encrypted. We are also finally accepting bitcoin payment.

I love your products and want to make a little extra cash by providing them to those I know will love them. Do you offer a commission/affiliate type scheme?

Yes we do! Please scroll to the bottom of the home page and in the footer, please click the affiliate link and register from there.

What postal method do you use?

UK – Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For.

International – Royal Mail International Track and Sign

International – additional options – DHL express/DPD and TNT – extra expense and needs to be specified.

For International customers who would like their order delivered swiftly, we would recommend DPD or DHL express – we find it is far quicker than Royal Mail, however it is a little more expensive. 

What do I need to mix/ reconstitute my peptides with?

Bacteriostatic Water or Acetic Acid, both are available in 10/20/50ml variants on our website. The most popular option is Bacteriostatic water which we sell in 10ml,20ml and 50ml varieties. You can also use Sterile Water or Sodium Chloride Water, dependant on your research requirements. We find the most popular diluting agent to be Bacteriostatic Water as it prolongs the active life of the peptide, provided it is kept at the right temperature.

What happens if customs seize my order?

Before ordering, please ensure you have checked the regulations with regards to the importation of your chosen products. We are unable to be held accountable if your goods are seized and they are not permitted in your country.

That said, if there is no issue and your order has been seized for other reasons, please contact us by email with proof of seizure (normally you would receive a seizure letter) We will then make some checks and will do all we can to help resolve any issues – whether it be reshipping or offering a store credit. We do provide a document within packages specifically for the intended countries Border Force/Customs Department in the case the pack is opened, specifying what the items are, that they are used strictly for research and investigational purposes only and that they are not in any way intended for human consumption.

Do you offer any refunds?

We offer refunds on all unused, unopened products for 10 days from date of sale. If you want to cancel your order, please ensure you have not used or tampered with the product in any way. Please email us with your order reference number and your reason for wanting to cancel. We will provide you with a return address to send the product back to us. We are unable to refund your shipping costs however we will refund the product cost back to you in full once we have received the items back and confirmed they are in resalable condition and untampered.

Do you sell other products not listed on your site?

We work closely with our suppliers to provide the latest peptides, SARMS and Nootropic / research chemicals available. If there is anything you require but is not listed on our site, please contact us and we will make the relevant enquiries and do whatever we can to help you. We are UK based, so we are subject to certain laws such as the psychoactive substances act, so there will be some products which we are not allowed to sell, but we check legality before offering any such substances on site.

What are Peptex Laboratories Peptides Used For?

Peptides and Research serums are manufactured and sold to be used in a laboratory research setting. This can be via Educational, Research or even home researchers. None of our products are intended for, nor are they manufactured for, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in humans. Peptex Laboratories reserves the right to require additional verification of proper intent prior to fulfilling orders. Any orders that we feel aren’t for the specific intended purpose laid out in our Terms and Conditions will be denied.  Truthfully, if you are asking this question then you shouldn’t be ordering from Peptex Laboratories.

What are the purity levels of the peptides you sell?

Peptex Laboratories will never sell a peptide that is less than 98% in purity. Many of our smaller peptide chains are well into the 99% purity range. Our supplier has manufacturing abilities that are quite often beyond the scope of smaller companies and therefore are able to achieve very high purity levels. Proteins such as IGF-1 LR3 are always receptor grade and always above 95% purity. Purity of a peptide is determined by the amount of the target peptide by HPLC at 214nm. This is where the peptide bond absorbs. Residual salts and water will not be detected by UV Spectrophotometer. Impurities that are usually found after peptide synthesis may consist of deletion sequences, truncated sequences and de-protected sequences. 

If A Peptide Is 98% In Purity Then What Is the Remaining 2%? 

The purity level indicated on a COA is simply a measurement of aminos that made it into the proper chain to form the peptide. The left over 2% are simply aminos that, for whatever reason, didn’t make it into the proper sequence.

Where do you source your products?

We work closely with our laboratory which is based within the European Union and we work with a University within the UK who aid our testing. Obviously, we do not wish to disclose the specific location of our supplier, as we run a business based on the relationship we have built up with them and it would be fairly simple to work out the laboratory in question with some simple Googling, putting our profitability and business at risk! Our business is based around our supplier relationship, so we hope you understand our reasons for not being too specific.

All of our products go through HPLC chromatogram and Mass spec analysis and our manufacturing facility is regulated by GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and is ISO 9001 certified.

All products we receive come with a COA and we are currently on the hunt for a third-party testing company that can verify our product content, dosage and purity, which we will publish on our site so if you know anyone, please let us know!

Can you offer bulk/wholesale deals?

Yes, please see here: http://peptex-labs.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=78

Why do some peptides come in a puck shape and others look like loose powder?

Each aliquot of peptide is deposited into each vial via machine. The vial is then stoppered and moved inside the lyophilizer. Once in the lyophilizer, the vial is then given a nitrogen flush to rid any contaminates. This is the phase that will determinesan the appearance of the contents.

Sometimes the water vapor can escape the vial where it goes from a solid to a gas without every going through a liquid phase. This will make the contents adhere to the sides of the vial leaving very little to see by the naked eye. Other times, depending on several other factors including temperature, the appearance can look like a solid puck, a few smaller pucks, a powder material, or even just a few specks, but the amount of actual material and quality is the same.

When freeze drying products without any matrix (sucrose or mannitol for example) sometimes the residual water of hydration will cause a collapse via hydration of product before it fully dries. In other words, when the water from the ice crystals is removed what remains prior to secondary drying (when the chamber is warmed) can combine and solubilise the remaining material causing it to collapse. Sometimes it forms crystals and sometimes it forms films dependent upon how much there is local melting and what the temperature and vacuum levels are at the time of the collapse.