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UK Based - We ship to the EU, the USA, Australia, New Zealand - in fact we ship WORLDWIDE! Please see our FAQ/Terms for specifics if needed. NEW DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL: peptexlaboratories@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely - we have done so consistently for the past 4 years and have worked with the same laboratory partners - of which we use two, both of which are based in Europe with one being based in the UK. If you don't believe us

We conduct third party, quarterly randomised batch testing at differing testing laboratories throughout the world. At times we have found it hard to find labs willing to complete the testing we require - purity, sequencing verification and where possible dosage - so we have used laboratories in Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Lithuania and beyond. We are currently seeking to form a relationship with a long term partnership testing laboratory, for our 3rd party testing.

While we have never once had a quality concern with any peptide provided by our laboratories, we must ensure due diligence and transparency as paramount trust factors for our clients, so each year we spend a lot of money just testing our existing stock! We remain committed to providing the very highest quality peptides and research materials to our clients both privately and to our Universities, Research Institutions and Pharma companies across the globe.


At present we accept payment by Bank Transfer & Bitcoin. For our merchandise on our site via Teespring, Payoneer process the payment on their ultra secure payment processing platform, and the money paid is then sent to our Bank Account several days later. Teespring are responsible for the order fulfilment of merchandise orders, we provide the updates and communication :)

Bank transfer is accepted globally - upon checkout you will receive our bank information, including our IBAN, BIC/SWIFT codes, address etc - all that is needed internationally for a bank transfer. While not affiliated at present in any way - we find that customers in Europe, the US, Australia and beyond who use TransferWise - funds are received on average 2 working days earlier than a normal bank to bank transfer and they receive a better exchange rate overall. Additionally other clients have used WeTransfer with similar results. Please remember when you make an International Bank Transfer that your bank will usually charge you for the privilege - hence my mentioning of the companies above. Please do your own research first prior to carrying out any transaction.

We had in the past used a range of processors who all after a few months, questioned what peptides were and deemed them as some sort of illicit drug. In the UK, research peptides are entirely legal for the purposes of research - they are amino acids in specific sequences, freeze dried to preserve longevity - yet we have found ourselves tarnished with the brush of some sort of illicit operation. We are currently reviewing at present, 2 other processors who have actually taken the time to understand what we do and why we do it. Peptides are the start point of the drugs of tomorrow that will be developed by Pharmaceutical companies and no doubt save millions of lives.

Bitcoin is accepted and when you checkout a wallet address will display with further instruction. If you are new to bitcoin, I would recommend checking out Cryptopay.me - again we are not using an affiliate code or anything else, just based on our own and our clients experiences with the company.


UK Clients: Unless stated otherwise, all parcels are sent by Royal Mail - depending on order value this will either be via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded or for higher value orders, Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery.

In both cases, from the point of collection from us, please allow up to 3 working days for 1st class recorded orders and up to 2 working days for Special Delivery orders. I only add on the extra day as often our collections are at 4.30pm-5.00pm and are past their cut off point, in which case they do not process the order until the following day and it is also at this point that tracking is updated. All the information above will be sent to you via email as we progress your order from payment receipt to dispatch. Please keep an eye on your spam email inbox in case one of our updates lands there (unfortunately it does happen from time to time)


If you are wishing to purchase wholesale quantities from us, we have a MOQ of 150 units (vials) for our peptide range and 50 units for our range of SARM products. This is the very minimum we can accept - but in return you will find the prices favourable and you will be receiving high quality products at unbeatable prices.

Please email: wholesale@peptex-labs.com if you are a serious buyer - please do not email us if you are a dreamer seeking a price list (I say this with every respect - we try to keep our wholesale buyers exclusive, so do not sell to all and sundry)

Distributor Opportunities

At present we have the availability for exclusive Distributor opportunities within the UK, Dubai/UAE/Abu Dhabi, as well as an EU member state country, the USA and Australia. This opportunity is something I have thought on for two years - we have had many requests and have given some opportunities to vendors in the past, however we have very stringently high standards to maintain and we feel if our Distributors are not of like mind, we cannot do business. However if you do possess the same morals, drive, tenacity and passion as we do here at Peptex Laboratories, we would love to hear from you.

Please send us an email, with some information regarding your current business/future plans to: Distributor@peptex-labs.com

Having spent time preparing distributor packages, I can say for certain the products, the benefits, the profit margins - are all extremely worthwhile. It is important to note our one non negotiable part of becoming a distributor which is donating a minimum of 2.5% of any profits earned each month to a charity within the Health & Life Sciences sector. This is something we have done from day one - even when we were allowed on the likes of eBay and Amazon before they thought Peptides were a strange drug of sorts - we maintained 10% charitable donation each and every month to this day and we hope you see the spirit in which we stipulate this condition.

What you have heard....is correct! We regularly send out very generous discount codes, provide free sample products for customers to take away and test as we are SO confident in the quality of product we offer, why not show the proof is in the pudding - so to speak.

To be included, you simply need to sign up to our newsletter which can be done via the pop up which should come up when you visit the site, or by scrolling to the bottom of the home page and putting your email address in under the Newsletter information section. You do not need to register your personal details on our website to be eligible to receive our Newsletter and we do not spam the hell out of your inbox either so you can wipe that sweat off your brow! :) On average we send 1 - possibly 2 - emails per month.

We accept returns for up to 30 days from the date of purchase provided that:

  • All products are unused, lids intact - no vials have any evidence of tampering (we are shortly bringing out an anti tamper proof feature for our vials as an added security layer)
  • You submit a return request form on the website, whereby we will then provide you with the return address to send the package back to (please either keep the products in the packaging they were sent in, or add sufficient protective measures to ensure no damage in transit can occur please.
  • Return post cost is the responsibility of the purchaser- unless there is an issue with quality (this has not happened once in 4 years!) or proven damage in transit (this has happened on 2 occasions unfortunately) In which case as this is not just a change of mind but an issue outside of the purchasers control, we will ensure your postage and packaging costs as well as the product costs are refunded in full back to you.
  • Once received back with us, please allow 14 working days for us to process your refund.

Good question - on setting up our new site, I found persistent niggling issues with the server email addresses set - thank you to my good clients who informed me they were getting bounce backs! Our main central email is now: peptexlabs@protonmail.com and we do not plan on changing this as we have paid up front for the highest level of secure service available. To reconfirm - everything Peptex can be emailed to: peptexlabs@protonmail.com

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