Why We 'Don't Do Forums'

Posted by Admin 20/01/2019 0 Comment(s)


We are often asked why we do not advertise on various bodybuilding forums and the like. I thought it best to explain in simple terms, as people sometimes question the validity of our site/products as we are not hugely known.

Firstly - we sell primarily research peptides. These are for in-vitro, laboratory research only. While I (Wade) personally have a strong interest in various areas of peptide synthesis and development, including effects on muscle gain, fat loss etc, it is not legally appropriate for us to advertise for this purpose. 

We will be advertising our SARM range - which we have verified in respect of legality and are putting the finishing touches to the relevant information sheets to accompany our SARMS, which need to be subject to specific labelling conditions.

Thirdly - if you are a 'newbie' bodybuilder, powerlifter, athlete etc, we do not want you to purchase products which you could potentially use to cause harm to yourself. We get many emails from newbies who want to buy certain products but ask us what they do - which shows they have no inclination to research and are looking for a quick fix.

Finally - and most importantly - Forums in general are FULL of hidden agendas and 'Broscience' Many long term members are recruited by companies as undercover reps - they then target newbies who join, refer them to the relevant website and gain a small kickback. Whatever company is doing best 'online' is usually the same company that are paying for the most fake reviews and reps.

Online forums are full to bursting with broscience - although you do get a few informed members who may back up their opinions or information with relevant citations and studies etc. But certain protocols which are forum gospel - are not always right. Before making the decision - any decision that may impact the only thing you really have control of - your body - please ensure you seek relevant professional medical advice. Please dont always believe the broscience out there, or the stacks of reviews which can change like the wind.

We recently employed an SEO company who, without our knowledge, registered our business with various forum platforms like Reddit and the like, and also wrote numerous random articles which promote the use of peptides in bodybuilding. We wish to state absolutely and completely that we have not and have never written such articles, and we are currently awaiting to hear back from our SEO team to tidy this mess up.

In addition - fo further back up my claims, I have had emails from various forums asking us to join as a Business and for £$ X amount per month we would get X amount of visitiors to the site, they will ensure plenty of positive reviews and will delete the bad. I still have these emails saved but will not disclose them publicly as, to be honest, it will most likely bring more hassle than its worth.

So next time a 'bro' online refers you to a product or website, ensure you carry out your due diligence and seek relevant medical opinion/testing.