We are pleased to offer wholesale/resale prices for those wanting to purchase Peptex Products in bulk - this includes SARMS/ SARM oil solutions and Peptides.

Note - if we have the stock ready the usual ETA is 2-3 working days to dispatch. If it is not stocked at that moment, the ETA is 6-9 working days.

We ship directly from the United Kingdom and use a variety of couriers (NOT Royal Mail)

If you have a genuine interest we are opening 5 wholesale/distribution slots - 1 of which was filled on 19th August 2020.

By wholesale this is a MOQ of 50 units - mix and match. We work on a 75% payment up front which covers postage and packaging and delivery to you, with a further 25% paid upon receipt. 

Genuine enquiries only - no dreamers or time wasters/hagglers - 50 Units is a low MOQ.

If you purchase larger volume additional discount will be applied in line with quantity. E.g. the higher the volume ordered the larger discount.

E-mail: peptexwholesale@gmail.com with the title WHOLESALE ENQUIRY and we will send you our prices. Thank you

Please see page with our SARM price list - Peptide and SARM oils to follow.

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