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ACE-083 1mg vial

Product Name: ACE-083 1mg  Unit size: 1 mg/vial..

Ex Tax: £35.00

Custom Peptide Combo: CJC1295 DAC 3mg + Ipamorelin 3mg + GHRP-6 3mg

Each vial contains:CJC1295 DAC 3mgIpamorelin 3mgGHRP-6 3mgTotal 9mg per vialFOR CLINICAL RESEARCH US..

Ex Tax: £65.00

GHK-cu (copper peptide) 10mg

GHK-Cu 10mg (Copper Peptide) GHK (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine) is a tiny protein found naturally..

Ex Tax: £20.00

L-Carnitine Injectable 400mg/mL - 50mL Vial - Research Solution

L-Carnitine Injectable for research/laboratory purposes.Each ml contains 400mg/mL L-Carnitine and co..

Ex Tax: £39.50
NA SEMAX 10mg 2-3 Days


N-Acetyl Semax 10mgMolecular formula: C39H54N10O10S Molar Mass: 854.97N-Acetyl Semax is a synthe..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Peptex Laboratories BNP (1-32) 1mg

Synonyms: Brain Natriuetic Peptide (1-32)Brain natriuretic peptide (type B natriuretic peptide, BNP)..

Ex Tax: £40.00

Peptex Laboratories Combo Peptide - Mod GRF 1-29 5mg + GHRP-6 5mg

Each vial contains:5mg Mod GRF 1-295mg GHRP-6Total: 10mg..

Ex Tax: £19.50
Peptex Laboratories Combo Peptide - Peg MGF 1mg + Ipamorelin 1mg - 2mg total -38%

Peptex Laboratories Combo Peptide - Peg MGF 1mg + Ipamorelin 1mg - 2mg total

Each vial contains:Peg MGF 1mgIpamorelin 1mgTotal 2mg per vial..

£40.00 £25.00
Ex Tax: £25.00

Peptex Laboratories Decapeptide-12 50mg

Decapeptide-12 50mgDecapeptide-12 is an oligopeptide with well-known anti-tyrosinase activity. It is..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Peptex Laboratories Lipopeptide 50mg

Lipopeptide 50mgMolecular Formula: C38H68N6O8Molecular Weight: 736.98Sequence (Three-Lette..

Ex Tax: £35.00

Snap-8 10mg

Snap-8 10mgSNAP-8, an octapeptide with amino acid sequence Ac-EEMQRRAD-NH2, is a mimic of the N-ter..

Ex Tax: £12.00

Tesamorelin 5mg

Each vial contains 5mg Tesamorelin. Further information coming soon.THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RE..

Ex Tax: £20.00