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Peptex Laboratories Maximum Hypertrophy SARM package - Synergy Ultra, TUDCA & PEP-CT - 3 bottles in one pack!

Peptex Laboratories Maximum Hypertrophy SARM package - Synergy Ultra, TUDCA & PEP-CT - 3 bottles in one pack!
Peptex Laboratories Maximum Hypertrophy SARM package - Synergy Ultra, TUDCA & PEP-CT - 3 bottles in one pack!
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Maximum Hypertrophy Package; This package combines 3 products, to assist in gaining maximum Hypertrophy gain, while keeping any unwanted side effects like excess oestrogen, restoration of normal test output and so is suitable for any studies in respect of muscular hypertrophy gain and recovery.

We supply 3 bottles of:

1.     Peptex Labs Synergy Ultra x 60 capsules; our no.1 selling, 6 in 1 SARM/GH Secretagogue/PPAR Activator/Fat Burner/Anabolic-Androgenic SARM Agent.

2.     TUDCA x 60 capsules; The no.1 liver support product which has multiple benefits on the liver and renal system, please research all products prior to conducting any experiments – there is a wealth of info available on TUDCA online. Usually used alongside any SARM even though most SARMS are fairly liver friendly, prevention is always advised as some SARMS are stronger and more suppressive than others.

3.     PEP-CT x 60 capsules; Our PEP-CT contains arguably the strongest, legal AI available, Arimistane, with added Grape Seed Extract, D-Aspartic Acid and Bulbine Natalensis, designed to help increase natural testosterone output. Normally used after cessation of the Synergy Ultra. TUDCA can also be used throughout.




PEP-CT: £32.50

TUDCA: £32.50

TOTAL: £155



We provide 3 bottles as a package, and we have these items in stock, ready to dispatch ASAP.

Providing amazing value for money, this is the ultimate, all in one stack for maximum muscle gain – ideal for those researching muscular atrophy, muscle wasting disorder and any other areas researching muscle loss, rebuilding new muscle tissue/tendons, increasing GH output etc. 


Please note – as with all Peptex Laboratories Products, all items are strictly for research use only. 

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