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Friday 20th November 2020:

Dear Customers,

Our site is open to view (kind of) but we are not presently accepting orders until 1st Jan 2021.

We have made this decision based on numerous factors, obviously the pandemic, moving locations repeatedly, hiring and firing staff – it has been a mad 2020 that is for sure!

My goal over the next 6 weeks is to:

  1. Set in play processes where I am communicating with my customers in rapid time on multiple platforms – my customers come first and this is an area which has bothered me for a few months, with email issues, volume issues, spammers etc. We now have hired a professional security team to oversee this on the new site we are building.
  2. Assess existing products – clear out those that are not so popular as immediate stocks, and we are adding a whole load of new peptides with a more professional updated website.
  3. Logistics – Royal Mail have cost me thousands this year in lost or delayed items – so we had set aside a new courier to use and we will begin using them from November 1st.
  4. REST! I have been doing 14/16-hour days, as well as training, and trying my best to be a good Husband and Father. So, some downtime desk-based work is welcomed.
  5. Investment/Fund raising – I am now at a stage where I am seeking outside external investment from an Angel Investor in return for a stake of the business i.e. a percentage ownership. The other alternative is crowdfunding, as I will be testing every batch of new products that arrive, and will publish them with full transparency – but the cost for a peptide to be sequenced (to validate label claim) dosage and purity is huge - £300+ a peptide. So I am seeking assistance in buying my own lab testing machinery or continual requests for help with testing! Either way I will find a way!

From Monday 22nd November please email: IF:

  • You have a missing order/stuck in customs/lost parcel
  • Have concerns in anyway with you order
  • Any concerns where you have not received what was expected.
  • General questions etc I am more than happy to discuss but first I was kindly made aware by a good client of mine and also our Social Media Rep Dean N, about people posting some negative reviews. This was distressing to hear, so I have asked the legend Mr Mark Fox to post this on relevant review forums to assure ANYONE who has brought from Peptex to contact me from Monday and I will ensure all is resolved promptly and generously.
  • I will be office based for most of the week, so my office landline is 01494 473371 – please call after 12pm Monday and 9am -5pm Tues/Weds/Thurs and Fri 8am-12.00pm mid-day.

I hope you all can understand I am closing to step up my game in every way and I look ward to speaking/emailing and showing you our business operations. We wvae a Youtube channel to further enhance customer comms, provide an insight into what we do, explanations on the different peptides and new peptides in the pipeline and so on.

Away from the normal the channel will focus on other area – fun areas – which will be a surprise to many

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