12th April 2020: Dear customers/friends/clients, as of tomorrow we are shipping and working as normal however with significantly reduced staff. We are catching up/caught up with email and will do all we can to assist our customers. During times like this, research peptides that show so much promise  especially for the immune system e.g. Thymalin, Epitalon etc and others being developed are what drive me to take Peptex up to a new level. If you are a serious investor that reads this and wants to get involved (Ideally we would like to produce our peptides in house, and have our own HPLC/MS testing facilities and a couple of qualified staff would be nice) - get in touch! 

As it stands most countries are allowing our packs in but many are taking longer than usual. Please check with your countries customs/border agency prior to ordering to check if there are any blocks on from the UK. We will do what we can to help whenever needed - I do not get it right all the time, I may make the odd mistake but in the years running Peptex I have been honest, direct and always gone out of my way to help my customers - despite the spammers/hackers/haters - we are are still here with a loyal, respected client base and we hope to further establish that throughout 2020.

27/03/2020: I am copy and pasting the information of the home page banner. It has been a tough few weeks for all - my thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to each and every one of you, your family members and friends. We do not always realise how lucky we truly are, daily gratitude reminders and mindfulness is essential for me personally going forward. With that being said, as many know we had run a mad 52% off sale last week. The info in the banner news explains so it is below for you to read. I am having to repurchase some labels that have run out their date to post by, and the PO are now collecting once daily. I am close to completion - as in having dispatched all sale orders - by Monday every item would have been sent - please check your tracking Sunday night if you are yet to receive your order as it may have changed. Hold tight a couple more days and all will be well. I had planned to be on email and phone comms a lot sooner, but have had to set this back to Monday 30th March 2020 9am where I will be at my desk - focused entirely on email and phone - my new office mobile number is 07907489205. Call anytime from 9am to 5pm with any questions or queries but I must ask please only do so for urgent enquiries otherwise if it can be dealt with by an email, it will free up more time for all.  Additionally - in the few days we have closed we have had many requests to buy - and that is for stock we have. We have kept checkout open, people can peruse, and purchase - but to to be CLEAR - NO ORDERS WILL BE DISPATCHED UNTIL MID APRIL (SOONER IF POSSIBLE BUT NO GUARANTEE, I WILL DO MY BEST TO SEND FAR SOONER IF I CAN) SO YOU CAN ORDER BUT YOU WONT BE SENT YOUR ORDER UNTIL MID APRIL, MORE SO RESERVING YOUR PRODUCTS FOR WHEN WE DO OPEN OFFICIALLY.

Thank you for visiting Peptex-Labs. We are NOT DISPATCHING ANY new orders at present, but we will reopen in the coming weeks (11TH April is the latest date we had in mind). YOU CAN ORDER, MAKE PAYMENT AND SECURE YOUR PRODUCT HOWEVER NOTE – IT WILL NOT SHIP OUT UNTIL APRIL – IF YOU NEED IT BEFORE 11TH  APRIL DO NOT BUY! Our 52% off Sale last week (16-23rd) March saw many new orders come in. The UK Gov't then placed all residing in the UK on a 'Lock-down' status. I am presently packing and posting orders daily by myself, my staff are at home as they should be, but Royal Mail told me today that they are now only doing 1 collection a day at 12pm. So - if you have not got your parcel yet, please bear with me, it WILL come, but it may be a little slower than expected given the circumstances. Please accept my apologies for the slight delay I am working as quick as I can give the situation I am in. 

23/02/2020:  We have now changed our email from using our gmail as a temp emergency email to using it as our new permanent customer email - why? We have found it has some additional security features, such as confidential mode, its accesible to myself on a variety of levels ie phone/tablet/laptop, and it allows real time chats with customers - so please use peptexlaboratories@gmail.com - our newsletter email will come from our server email sales@peptex or info@peptex but for direct communication we will be making use of gmail and the array of features it has.

27/01/2020: We find ourselves at the tail end of January, a typically very busy month for us, which we have welcomed of course. On the SARM front, we are low in stock levels (aside from ACP-105, and LGD4033 and slightly low on LGD3033. Our Synergy Ultra products (X,Y, Ultra and Ultra XXX) are all low single digits, so we will be making our new batches during the first week of February, and will update product listings with an approx ETA and all items will be available for pre-order.

We are introducing 2 new capsulated research products - both of which contain some SARMS which are relatively new with both having undergone both human and clinical trials. We are also reverting to resealable pouches potentially, for ease of post and to preserve freshness. I say possibly as I am considering one other option too.

We have some new GMP grade peptides due within the next few working days, when they arrive we will be updating this site, many have already been brought, paid for and are on reserve but some are still left.

Orders are up to date - 99% of which - with the remaking leaving tomorrow, and 2 reships which while not obligated to do, we always do anyway. Thank you as always for your continued support, it means the world to me, and tomorrow I plan to spend the morning catching up with the remaining emails for the day and getting those last items out! Speak soon!

07/01/2020: We have managed to catch up with shipping 95% of pre existing orders, which took longer than we initially thought! THe remainder will be sent today, where I will then be able to catch up on the communication front. We had close to 100 orders leave us yesterday, and that excludes this mornings collection. We are near the top of the hill, almost at the summit, please bear with us and THANK YOU to our fantastic client base.

04/01/2020: Happy New Year! We would like to wish all of our customers, past, present and future a fantastic, healthy, happy and successful 2020!

As many are aware, we were closed for new orders throughout the majority of December. Over the past few years, we found 2 main issues with the Christmas run up. One was the fact that Royal Mail often struggle with the volume of mail being sent, meaning a lot of lost packages, last year cost us a fair chunk of funds, way over what we predicted and more importantly, we had customers who were upset at their packages arriving with the Post Office or Departure Hub and then *POOF* these packages disappear. 

Secondly, due to the fragile nature of peptides in general, having them stuck in the Christmas post with any courier is not something we feel comfortable with. Being flung about, packages stacked on each other, regardless of whether the contents are marked as fragile or any other warning, I have seen first hand how most packages are handled. So to save everybody the hassle, we decided to take the time off, upgrade some internal procedures regarding our picking, packing and proof capturing, and also get some very much needed rest.

Some general updates:

  • GMP Receptor Grade Peptides - our Laboratory partners are now producing GMP certified, Vacuum sealed peptides at a receptor grade level - suitable for larger mammalian testing as opposed to petri dish use. We have some samples of each new product on the way, we already sold Receptor Grade GMP IGF1-LR3, HGH Fragment 176-191 and Peg-MGF.  To add to this we will now also be trialing and possibly stocking: GHRP-2 10mg, GHRP-6 10mg and TB-500 10mg.
  • Business as Normal: We returned back to full time work on the 3rd January - before that I had been completing updates and statuses etc, we are still very much on the back foot with emails, I had done my best to utilise the time yesterday to catch up as much as possible, but it may not be until Monday/Tuesday of next week that we are all caught up (06/07 Jan 20) Please bear with us, we are updating orders and processing those as normal, we have had some orders with a day or so delay in getting out purely due to volume of orders, but I am sure by Wednesday of next week we will be fully up to date with orders cleared, emails answered and new items arriving.


We have had alot of people emailing us regarding SARMS - as many are probably aware, China, as of the 1st January 2020, have made it a crime to produce/sell/export any type of PED. SARMS, while all are very much in or are due to/have been in clinical trials, are considered to be PED's (most of them anyways) We use a Chinese Supplier for 3 SARM Ingredients only, our supplier was very well established, they still are, and whenever we have had batches of raw powder tested, they have always been exactly as per what their own Certificate of Analysis stated.

The rest of our SARMS are sourced from another country, which we chose as the Quality Control levels of any raw products produced must be certified by their Government Testing Labs prior to export. They have always been a very good team to work with and we continue to work with them further more. We chose to utilise our previous Chinese Supplier for 3 SARMS which have an incredibly high raw price as it is, and our main SARM provider were even more expensive due to the QC and vetting, testing etc that goes on top. 

The good news is we will be using our main supplier outside of China for all of our SARM raw products. We have confirmed there are no issues in the supply, and we will continue to provide the very latest, highest purity SARM research products to our customers.

One area we may look at changing in the capsule size, and the tubs - I feel the capsules could be smaller, with less filling agents and flow agents used, and that the tubs themselves can also be upgraded to make them tamper proof. This may result in a redesign of the labels, as we will have to create smaller labels for no doubt smaller tubs, so a fresh change is always a good thing. More info will be updated soon.


Over the past few days I have updated some labs we have had back from our batch we sent out in mid October for 3rd party testing.

I am having to watermark each one and apply some added security to each report, to prevent other competitors using the same lab work, changing it, or claiming it as their own - we have had a few sites pop up, using our product images and proposing to sell our products when we have never heard of them, let alone have had an order! 

We do have some wholesale buyers, so if this is you and you read this, please send me an email so I can verify you are indeed a genuine supplier.

We do have an Amazon Shop - Medici Scientific - which mainly sells a handful of peptides and Bac water, which is predominantly used for SEO purposes and volume Bacteriostatic water sales. Anyone on Amazon selling our products aside from Medici Scientific are not selling our items.


Throughout 2019, we brought in, as per 2018, many new peptides - different dosages, new blends, new products. We had to use a fairly generic label type, as when we bring in new products, we assess the demand before we invest in a larger volume. Once we have confirmed the product sells well enough to be added to our permanent offerings, we then create a new label for them.

We will be making up some new labels for around a dozen peptides we introduced which were very popular with our researchers in general, so they will be more accurately marked for ease of use.

**That about wraps up the latest updates for today - we will be adding updates and leaving original information on here, and adding to the top of the list as we go, so please check back often for the latest news and info.

Warm regards


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