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Welcome to 2021 and wow - what a year 2020 was - not a year I wish to repeat or wish upon anyone. However with 2020 came lessons of which had purpose and taught me some very specific lessons.

We are currently open again, and sincerely appreciate all the support, understanding and patience that has been shown.

Relevant news in respect of our reopening;

Couriers/Logistics: We had planned to use Hermes for both local and international deliveries, however due to the current pandemic, we have found them in the unfortunate position of not being as reliable as we would like, and it seems they have suffered during this period of lockdown and tiered systems.

We had looked to Yodel as a back up but from several direct experiences with them, we felt it was unjust to use a cheaper service while our customers wait 5-6 days - that is locally! Having ordered items personally and selected Yodel as courier, I have expected items to come on a next day basis, but this was never the case, 

Right now we are sticking with Royal Mail - we have a dedicated account manager and they now collect, scan and sort the parcels we send that day while in our building - providing me with much more assurance than dropping sacks of orders to drop off points and finding a few weeks later whole sacks have gone missing. 

We have introduced an express courier option for our European and International customers and this will be taken care of by DHL or DPD - dependant on location and weight/size/cost - but to keep things simple we utilise a flat rate for this option, which is a figure that is likely lower than we would actually end up paying out, but for simplicity and customer service, it is, in my opinion, a better approach.

Email: This was a big issue for both ourselves and our clients throughout 2020. We have utilised the services of a technology security company to set up secure emails that would not suffer at the hands of targeted spam attacks. For those unaware, we were targeted twice by spammers which we pointed to as being based in Russia (behind the VPN's they were trying to use) why? I do not know - success brings jealousy, but then we had our Social Media Accounts targeted, which we are setting up afresh and were reported for Amazon policy violations - all stemming from the same group of people. Amazon banned us and after 4 appeals, reinstated our listings mid November without our knowledge, so we were amazed to find our listings were selling but we had several weeks of orders left totally unnoticed and we fulfilled what was there and requested they reset their performance metrics due to their decision making and telling us firmly NO we cannot sell peptides as they breach their policies.

So we will be back on Amazon sales imminently - and we hope you find the service given and new or should I say extended line of products the same high quality product we are known for.

Newsletter subscribers - I hope you have received and take advantage of your coupon code and sample offering, to those not subscribed - sign up now and we will send a second newsletter with updates and coupon codes within the first couple of days in January.

Once more thank you to all of our friends, customers and clients - without you I am very aware we would not be in operation today.

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