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Friday 23rd September 2020: After a frustrating 48 hours our site is live again and back open! We found our ticket support add on became an issue and prevented product information being displayed, and additionally prevented products being added to cart. As such, after much work we have got  the site back up and running.

Some updates:

Labels - we have altered some labels, and have added some previously temporarily stocked items to our permanent line up. As such we are waiting on labels for a few SARM products and some peptides, we are using temporary labels in between as our printer is affected by COVID and local restrictions, but we expect new labels for most items within 2-5 working days.

New products - you may have noticed some new products on the site, this will be expanding further in time, so if you have a suggestion for a new peptide, please email us on our new support email:

Thank you!

Friday 11th September 2020: We are finally back open for new orders again,  after a surge in orders left me on the back foot a bit - with the current pandemic staffing has been a major issue, as I, as the Director, enjoy the hands on day to day work but feel negligent then in respect of further work in the research field, discovering new peptide developments and the latest SARMS under phased trials - even anecdotal study is important I feel. 

I had recruited 2 new staff members a couple of months back when for many a lot of the restrictions were being lifted, but the rules around work conditions, proximity, safer working etc meant I could not keep them employed, I did recruit them on a temp basis with a view to permanent work but the rules around staffing and in respect of research science is very complex - so much so that until things become more black and white, I am currently doing all the roles, with a family member helping in our new offices. 

So I must apologise for any delays in communication, I have had so many orders to process it’s been a blessing and true testament to our loyal customer base. In times of such uncertainty, we are now finally looking at our bodies, our health and wellness and slowly realising how vital it is that it is maintained and flourishing.

I am also spending 2 nights a week tracking past sent orders - where we have had lost parcels with RM before, its now easier for me to manually cross check each order and if I do not see an update on a order sent, to open the order up again, and then resend it asap while at the same time lodging further claims with Royal Mail.

Royal Mail now collect from us at 5pm Monday to Thursday (we work half days Friday) so orders that are shipped are often not processed that day as it is past cut off, but where in the past we would drop off our sacks at collection points, we not have someone come to us and collect, who then scan on the spot as they put each parcel into one of their designated sacks. This has been more reliable, and cost wise it is a fair bit more than dropping off but the reassurance is worth it.

At president there are delays within Royal Mail within the UK and also exporting outside the UK, but it is now a matter of a couple of days, as opposed to when this all first kicked off it was weeks. If your parcel has not arrived within the following time frames, please get in touch, but if not, please wait during the periods below as we have seen plenty of times parcels have just been heavily delayed as opposed to lost.

UK: From the day we ship your order, it should arrive with you within no longer than 3 working days. We use RM 24hr tracked and for higher value orders, RM Special Delivery with the adequate amount of compensation to go with it, but 3 working days at present is the acceptable time allotted - after this please get in touch.

EUR: This varies from country to country, but in general - 5-10 working days - some countries are more efficient than others and all have been impacted by the same pandemic. I find posting to Germany gets there quicker to our clients than to our local UK clients such is their efficiency!

Rest of World (USA, AUS, NZ etc): 5-15 working days. Our clients in the US, Australia and New Zealand have found there to be very slight delays but no major issues at time of updating.

I wish to thank every one of our customers for their loyalty, support and patience, especially during times when its been hard as a business to continue, we press forward and work harder each day to remain no.1 in the supply of research peptides. 

Thursday 30th July 2020: We are now once again accepting payment by Amazon Pay. You can use this method to pay by Debit or Credit Card, or using your Amazon Account, simply select the option during checkout and complete as usual, thank you.

Friday 24th July: 

I am currently sat in my work office at 10.16pm, having arrived at 6am, if it was not for the fact I have learned how to utilise my time more and more effectively - I would be sleeping here tonight too, although I am very sure my wife would not be too happy about that.

The site is currently on maintenance mode and while I am due to revert it back to open again, I am gutted that something so simple, could cause such devastation. I understand we are living in strange and uncertain times - as I drove through North London today passed Hillingdon and Ruislip and into Alperton, everywhere I looked was masked people - like it was the apocalypse. The world looked and felt different and it is very sad people do not know the truth behind this pandemic - its something that I will not mention here as its not appropriate given the mass censorship that is happening but slowly people are learning what is going on in the bigger picture. 

Masks - those worn out and about are nowhere near adequate to stop anyone catching a virus such as COVID. Many are cheap, they not fit all parts of the face, there are gaps, and the fact that when someone who is infected sneeezes it spreads and hovers in the air up to 27 mins? Well that it what the media say. That is another clue here - the media - but again I need to learn to be quiet as I have had family members and friends contract this virus and have lost lives. My brother has hospitalised for a while but we are fortunate he is young, healthy, worked on his immune system. But for those wearing masks as required by law (if it has even officially been deemed law?!) Only wear them when necessary, Your oxygen intake while wearing a mask begins to reduce - this in time effects the brain - so please do not be that person with one on all the time, starving your brain of oxygen, killing of brain cells.....I hope people can see the bigger picture.

My mention of devastation for me has been a time period of 27th May and June 6th 2020. What happened? Well, we would like to know too! 2 batches of parcels - by batch I mean we send 1-2 sacks of parcels a day - that is 1 batch, and the two batches mentioned contained what I now figure to be 112 parcels. Given an average order value of £125, that meant that an approx figure of £14,000 of our stock. Well it just vanished apparently. Tracking shows me on the backend of my business account dates/times and tracking info and batch number allocation as well as cost paid. So I can prove its been taken in, alloted to a batch number - but when I ask where these sacks are - they do not know. Albeit thousands of Royal Mail Staff have been let go or furloughed and they have been working under extremes, the basics of scanning a package should be basic 1st port of call stuff. I have then fallen behind in sending orders due to not being allowed staff to return - so I had backlogs upon backlogs and I was very close to closing the site - physically, I could not bring the extra people who joined us until the Government allowed us to and most had just joined as part of the start of an attempted upscale. So devastation for my customers, my employees and for myself.

This is not meant to be a tale of woe is me etc. It goes to show, something like a missed detail can catalogue into an array of problems. I am to this day/time/moment - still trying to catch up on communication which should be my number 1 port of call - we have some staff back, and we have another starting tomorrow. I am working from my home office this coming work week to solidly focus on communication and my staff will be picking packing and handing post over - importantly documenting collections, taking pictures of all orders in their pick box before sending and basically covering all bases to ensure what we do is 100% right.

So this is furthermore an apology for the awful communication time. We migrated emails from to what is now - we have also installed a new support ticket system which I installed to create a further sense of priority in communication with my customers and this week I will resolve this issue and integrate a specific process to ensure this is done - fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as they say. A basic check list can be very useful when creating processes — if you have not read ‘The CHecklist’ by Atul Gawande it is an excellent read - so this is why my focus will be home based, locked away and why I am still here at what is now 10.50pm on a Friday night.

We have created a new product and have several more to reveal, NCR-EXXX Multiple Compound Super SARM is something I am very excited about and is on the site now for pre order. As is the way we have physically made the capsules, and the bottles have been settled on the munch smaller white bottles with inner seal tear - some items will have a black lid, some white, but the bottle is the same, the labels for items is the same, and while we had initial teething issues with your size 4 capsule machine and even went to start tabletting our SARMS, I went over the machinery one more time and to date it is working as it should. My one stroke of luck to date!

Expect to see significant improvements in the basics of comms, quality of presentation for new peptides which we bring in so fast we have to use a generic type label - we have come up with a solution for that now which will show in the coming weeks as well as an all round strong focus on quality and presentation throughout.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled - we plan to bring out some wonderful products in the very imminent future.

Kind regards

Dr Wade Ackley

BA (Hons) MSc, PhD


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