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29th December 2021 - Processing orders today and tomorrow - dispatching what we can tomorrow and resume business as normal early in the New Year w/e 03/01/21
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08 Nov The Doctors Official Layman's guide to MK-2866 - Ostarine
Peptex Admin 0 35
MK2866 – Ostarine – Ostapep: Information, Usage, Dosing, Research Data & More MK2866 – more commonly known as Ostarine - is an investigational drug classified as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Mo..
11 Oct Beef Magazine Article
Peptex Admin 0 60
As many may know I am a contributor to the UK's oldest, most hardcore bodybuilding magazine - The UK BEEFI have written on various topics but wanted to put this one up as our Kidneys play such a vital..
26 Sep Back Open - 27th September 2021
Peptex Admin 0 71
Dear customers,We are pleased to advise with effect 27th September 2021, we are back open, business as usual.We are aware we have a small batch of orders from just before our temporary closure to disp..
01 Aug Are Peptides Safe?
Peptex Admin 0 1701
By Dr Wade K AckleyPeptides are often confused as illegal bodybuilding or anti-aging, hard drugs. When asked, are Peptides safe? The answer is that it depends both on the context the question is asked..
18 Jul Blog Post Number 2 - nothing fancy I'm afraid!
Peptex Admin 0 6464
Firstly, please excuse this post if you think it is one of education in anyway – apologies – it is just a notice to advise and acknowledge to our customers that upon opening our new site (or should th..
11 Jul Peptex Labs - Our First Post!
Peptex Admin 0 6389
                                                        Welcome to our first *functional* post of the new website blog. Rather than making this a generic post - I thought I would write about some of t..
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