By Dr Wade K Ackley

Peptides are often confused as illegal bodybuilding or anti-aging, hard drugs. When asked, are Peptides safe? The answer is that it depends both on the context the question is asked and specifically the peptide in question.

As a supplier of peptides, our peptides are lyophilised or freeze dried in their form, coming in small 2-3ml glass vials. They require dilution with the correct diluent before anything can be done with them – e.g. in-vitro laboratory research.

Our company focuses on peptides that are designed to aid in the Health & Life Sciences sector, including but not limited to; muscle wastage diseases, burns victim recovery, general internal and external injury recovery etc. 

Peptides are essentially, amino acids, with each peptide ‘type’ having a specific sequence of amino acids to form that particular peptides form. Like a recipe almost, you need to add x,y,z ingredients in x,y,z form to produce that particular meal.

Peptides are used in further research and clinical trials – if certain peptides show promising results from research or test data, they are then picked up by the larger pharmaceutical companies (usually) and then developed further, where they are studied at a higher, more expensive level – they are, if deemed safe to do so, also moved to human clinical trial stages, before being eventually put out to the public via Hospitals, Pharmacies and so on as a new medicine or therapeutic application.

Nowadays we see a trend towards the use of Growth Hormone Related Peptides as one example, being self-prescribed and used by individuals to help them increase Growth Hormone output and then enjoy the benefits that typically come with that; increased muscle mass, deeper sleep, healing of injuries quicker, improved mood, improved hair and skin. Some clinics in the USA prescribe peptides legally, often via HRT surgeries, such as Ipamorelin, Sermorelin etc to patients, privately, who are then monitored via relevant medical checks and analysis and often it has been shown that Peptide Therapy offers a huge array of benefits to the majority of individuals.

With that all being said – there is a much more dangerous side of buying and self-prescribing peptides for personal use online. Factors to consider:

·      Are the peptides legal to purchase, import, possess and use in your country?

·      Are the peptides from a reputable supplier? If so how do you qualify this?

·      Does the supplier conduct third party analysis on the peptides they supply if they do not synthesise them themselves? If not, how do you know they are what is labelled – anything could be inside that vial so it is crucial due diligence should be observed.

·      Have the chosen supplier been around long enough to have gained a general reputation online regarding the quality/results of their peptides? Are there any test reports or such data available?

The above is a small list I would start with using to assess any supplier of peptides. Many cosmetic peptides these days can be found in various creams/lotions/shampoos and these are the type that have already undergone testing and passed the relevant quality controls/licensing by their respective countries Governmental Department.

In general – do not buy peptides online to self-medicate unless they are obtained via prescription from a licensed, qualified Doctor, who can then follow up with observations to your reaction to them. There is a sea of vendors online who sell peptides which from direct experiences – are either fake, mislabelled, low in purity or all 3. There are reputable vendors – absolutely – several in fact and I would urge anyone considering the use of such products for laboratory research or therapeutic peptide application to do the same sort of research and due diligence as you would before taking any synthetic drug. Research, ask questions, do some more research, speak to your Doctor and then research some more. For every 1 good supplier, there are 100 sketchy ones. Health is wealth and without it we have nothing – always place your own health and wellbeing above all else.