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Now updated to include new novel peptides that have recently been tested through in-vitro, in-vivo and even human clinical trials - the likes of MOTS-C, Thymosin Alpha 1 & more.

If you are clueless about the world of peptides, SARMS, Myostatin Inhibitors & so forth, this guide is designed to cover the basics of the foundations of peptides and their usage.

Compiled into a an A4 bound booklet - further chapters and updates  WILL be added to those who buy this book with further chapters detailing the world of SARMS, the newly developed SARMS in 2021, Myostatin Inhibitors, GH Secretagogues, PPAR Activators & more and as long as you buy this book via this site we will automatically update each part as progress is added and an email sent out to those who have made this purchase, only.

Note as of 1st of May 2021, any clients who have made a purchase will receive an email within the next 48-72 hours with revised edition info.

10% of all book sales generated will be contributed to a charity called Niemann Pick UK. Niemann Pick Type C is something within my wife's side of the family and hugely life listing neurodegenerative disease caused by an accumulation of lipids (fats) in the liver, brain and spleen. Each quarter from September 2020 onwards, will be totalled and deducted and donated, with proof documented on our website. If you are unaware of this disease and have a little time to increase awareness or wish to learn more, please see

It may not seem like great value now but in a couple of months I hope you find it will be and this only open to those who purchase this initial book.

Upon purchase and completion of your order you will receive an email and a physical copy of the book will be sent - due to the fact this will be published on Amazon Kindle, we have gone from e-book to both a psychical book and digital version sent so you can read either on your viewing device of choice or by hard  copy. Our hard copy books have a laminated front document page and hard back plastic rear, with 

Disclaimer; While I hold qualifications in both Biochemistry and a Doctorate gained by obtaining my PhD in Biological Sciences, with a focus on Research Sciences, the information contained within this book is in in no way direct medical advise, or instruction. It is something written by myself, as a former professional athlete and bodybuilder, as someone who has spent years researching life science compounds, someone who has used, researched and tested nearly every peptide and SARM (that are safe in my view based on past documented trials and anecdotal evidence & having considered all aspects - note my overview is my opinion only) All information within is for entertainment and informative purposes only - I am not advising anyone to follow any such cycles I may detail within - however if you are a researcher/clinical scientist or bio-hacker, as a Human being, we all have free will, and are free to make our own decisions. All information within this book is purely for informative and entertainment purposes only.


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