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Peptex Pounds

Peptex Pounds FAQ

As of 14/12/2021 we introduced Peptex Pounds - a way to give back to our customers. 

Every other day any newly registered customers to both

  • the website
  • our newsletter

Will receive in their account balance £1.50.

Furthermore - if you place an order, and then post an image on one of your social platforms - if IG then our handle is @ackleyperformanceltd - DM us your order number and we will apply £7.50 credit to your account balance. That is for any registered customer, that is registered for our newsletter and you can do this with each order made - however please do not take us for fools and buy a £6.00 bottle of Bac Water each time and expect a £7.50 return, please keep some morals about yourself! 

As mentioned this is open to all clients we did not want to just offer this to new customers as our previous and existing clients built what we have today.

Finally; leave an honest review on 

  • our website
  • TrustPilot

With an image where possible (not a necessity). Can we ask if the review is one that is going to be bad for us that you please contact us first so we have the chance to resolve any issues to your satisfaction and work out what went wrong and how we can make it right - we feel that is only fair. Once your review has been left and published please send proof (link/screenshot) via our WhatsApp chat service (either copy and paste the link or scan the QR code to chat with us)


We will then credit your account with £50! In theory someone who joins the site and signs up for the newsletter, makes an order and receives it as does happen daily, then posts an image on Instagram or Facebook and leaves us a review on the site and Trust Pilot - all of which combined would take 10 mins max would receive £59 plus some of the finest peptides/SARMS in the world.

What is not to love? Just be sure to capture proof and let us know!

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